Osher Gunsberg reveals his personal battle with mental illness

Osher Gunsberg is one of Australia’s most recognised TV personalities and he is now bravely opening up about his ongoing battle with mental illness.

The Bachelor host opened up about his battle with mental illness on his podcast, which he posts on his self-titled website

Osher, formerly known as Andrew G, spoke honestly about how he is learning to manage the condition with the right balance of medication.

“My brain was a little better this week as I readjust to the new dosages of meds,” he told his listeners.

“Some of the old things are kicking back in and I’m dealing with the triggers.”

Before adding: “We’re trying to remove as many meds as possible from the mix, while maintaining the balance and trying not to let the tower topple.”

The 41-year-old didn’t address the details of his illness but explained his doctor changed his medication and has now been on his current medication for nine months and is beginning to see “old things returning.”

“I’m now getting perspective of what life was like. What I was living with every single day, so much chaos going on in my head and I’m just learning to manage it as it comes back and to be aware of it.”

Osher also thanked his new girlfriend, Channel 10 makeup artist Audrey Griffen, for getting him through this difficult phase in his life.

Confiding in his listeners, the former Australian Idol host said: “I started to wake up and freak out again, but there is a lot to be said by rolling over and putting your hand on the shoulder of your girlfriend lying next to you… For a long time I didn’t have that.”

“It’s very nice and very healing and very healthy… I’m very grateful for the fact that I get to wake up next to someone.”

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