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Delta Goodrem breaks into tears as she recalls her final contact with Olivia Newton-John on Sunrise

I was looking for her always.
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Delta Goodrem has teared up on Sunrise as she recalled the emotional impact Olivia Newton-John had on her life and career.

Speaking just one day after her friend and mentor’s death, Delta couldn’t hold back the tears as she recalled her last contact with Olivia.

She revealed that she had invited Olivia to watch her perform in the US just one month before her death, but Olivia’s health meant she couldn’t attend.

Delta Goodrem broke down in tears after Olivia Newton-John’s death.

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“I invited Olivia to come and be there, as I do with all things,” she said, her voice shaking.

“Obviously that wasn’t meant to be in that moment… she was always supportive and never missed a beat of any of the music or [my] life.”

Olivia died on August 8 following a long battle with cancer, and while her death rocked Delta, she said: “I am so fortunate that I have moments that I get to treasure.”

Sharing those memories, the star said that Olivia’s death has affected so many people because “her music was a part of our lives and will be forever”.

Olivia’s long battle with cancer was a difficult one, but it was a journey she and Delta bonded over when Delta was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 18.

Delta even revealed that the Grease actress sent her a long letter after her initial diagnosis encouraging her to keep fighting.

“We bonded instantly… every moment she was an example of what it was to be a role model,” Delta said, tearing up again.

“An example of what it was to lead in kindness… she continued to turn into this pillar of strength, this constant positivity and hope. And that’s what people feel from her.”

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Having someone to talk to about her cancer journey without any taboo made a huge difference for Delta during her treatment, the singer calling Olivia an incredible “mentor” then and now.

“She is there for people. And she still will be through her music and her light,” Delta said.

Delta first met Olivia in New York when she was seven years old, on a holiday with her mum, and it had a lasting impact on her.

“All of a sudden Sandy from Grease walks in the door… the world stopped and I said, ‘Sandy’s there mum. It’s Sandy!’,” the singer recalled on Sunrise.

Delta and Olivia shared a close bond for years.

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Olivia heard the accent and struck up a conversation, even telling Delta she hoped to see her tomorrow.

“I was looking for her always,” Delta said of the moment, though she couldn’t have known how close they’d become.

Olivia’s Grease classic Hopelessly Devoted To You was one of the first songs Delta ever fell in love with and she still sings it at concerts to this day.

But Delta was reluctant to play her idol in the TV special of the same name – that is, until Olivia gave her blessing.

Delta counted Olivia as both a mentor and friend.

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“I couldn’t think of anyone better to play my life,” Olivia previously said of Delta’s role in the special.

As for how Delta will be remembering Olivia, she said: “I truly believe in us just playing the music, honouring her kindness and what she brought to all of us.”

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