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“We saved each other’s lives”: After years of ups and downs, Olivia Newton-John and Chloe Lattanzi exclusively discuss their unbreakable bond

The famous mother and daughter find solace in one other
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They’ve always shared a close bond, but it took a global pandemic to bring Olivia Newton-John and her daughter Chloe Lattanzi back into one another’s lives.

“Chloe lives in Portland, Oregon, so I don’t see her very often,” says Olivia.

“But one of the gifts of this pandemic has been being able to spend time with Chloe because neither of us have been able to go anywhere or do anything.

“She came here [to Olivia’s ranch in Santa Ynez, California] for a couple of months and is back now for some time.”

The road to their reunion has been a rocky one, and the famous mother-daughter duo have weathered their share of tough times, including health battles for them both.

For Olivia, it’s been a three-decade-long fight against breast cancer – diagnosed in 1992, doctors discovered her cancer had metastasised in 2013 and by 2017, it had progressed to stage four cancer that had spread to her spine.

In more recent years, her daughter Chloe, who starred in last year’s Dancing With The Stars, also suffered through struggles of her own – overcoming an eating disorder, body dysmorphia and depression, as well as drug and alcohol issues.

In the past, the 35-year-old has admitted the pressures of growing up in Hollywood among the thin and surgically enhanced had left her feeling she wasn’t “quite right”.

Olivia and Chloe have come together in recent years.



But Chloe sought therapy and went to rehab, and today Chloe is in a happier, healthier place as she continues to explore her music career, while charting a new course as a farmer.

“I just like to create for the sake of creating,” she says.

“I have also got a cannabis business and I’m a farm girl. I like to do things that bring me joy.”

One of these things has been creating music with her talented mum.

The mother-daughter duo are even recording music together.


On January 22, Olivia, 72, and Chloe released a single they recorded together, Window In The Wall, a new track with a message of unity and healing amid a time of hate and divisiveness.

Like her daughter, Olivia has often used music as a kind of therapy. She says she also finds great comfort in being around her animals on the ranch she shares with her husband of 12 years, John Easterling.

“It’s very healing to watch birds, and I have miniature horses, chickens and dogs – and a cat,” says Olivia.

She also gets great joy from knowing her daughter is on a solid path and has finally found contentment. “I’m so happy that she’s happy and just shining, and has so much power and strength and bravery,” says Olivia.

Chloe adds, “She’s always supported me. She has always reinforced her belief in me.”

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In many ways, the pair say they’ve saved one another’s lives.

“We comfort each other,” says Chloe. “If someone is feeling a certain way, we don’t tell them not to feel that way.”

Chloe says she feels happy knowing that Olivia’s husband John, a plant specialist, is there for her mum and is helping to keep her healthy “through the magic and medicine of plants”.

It’ll be back to work for Olivia when she makes a cameo in a film this year, but until then she’ll be enjoying spending time with Chloe and John on her ranch, taking solace in the little things.

“I try to do something for myself every day that I love, which for me is going down and seeing my horses or sitting in the garden,” she says.

“I feel very grateful.”

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