Inside Olivia Newton-John and Chloe Lattanzi’s amazing mother-daughter relationship

These two always had each other's backs!
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Olivia Newton-John and Chloe Lattanzi went though more together than many people experience over an entire lifetime.

The golden mother-daughter duo battled Chloe’s drug addiction and ONJ’s cancer – which tragically, Chloe first learned about from another student at school.

Close until the end, Chloe was one of the first people to pay tribute to her mother following the sad news of her death aged 73.

The pair were usually based in the US, but in early 2020 they headed back home to Australia, with Olivia returning to star in the Fire Fight Australia benefit concert and Chloe strapping on her dancing shoes as one of the celebrity contestants on Dancing With The Stars.

In recent years, Olivia was battling several bouts of cancer, having dealt with the disease privately since 2013, but in 2017 she announced publicly that her breast cancer had returned and metastasised to her lower back.

Since then, she and 37-year-old Chloe made a pact to spend more time together.

“I love seeing my mum. It’s good medicine. When I don’t see my mum for a long time, it’s like I feel ill,” Chloe told The Australian Women’s Weekly last year.

“When I’m with her, it feels like all is right with the world. She makes me feel safe.”

WATCH BELOW: ONJ talks about Chloe’s battle with addiction. Story continues after video.

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It’s a heartwarming sentiment that her mother echoes.

“When Chloe is with me, I feel complete,” ONJ said.

“There’s that expression, ‘You’re only as happy as your unhappiest child’. So, if Chloe’s not happy, I’m not happy, and, if she’s doing well, so am I. It affects me – how she is – so to see her radiant and happy and healthy makes me feel great.”

Keep on scrolling to see how this incredible mother-daughter duo stuck by each other’s sides over the years.

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ONJ and a very adorable Chloe (look at those curls!) pictured with her ex-husband Matt Lattanzi in 1991, at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie premiere in California. Olivia and Matt met in on the set of Xanadu and were married in 1984, but split in 1995.

She since repartnered and married her current husband John Easterling, founder and president of the Amazon Herb Company, in 2008.

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Chloe accompanied her mother to Hollywood events since she was a little girl! They’re pictured here at the 25 Women Leaders in Action event at the UN in New York City in 1997.

Image: Getty


A baby-faced Chloe clung to her Mum’s side at the 7th Annual Enviromental Media Awards in 1997 in California.

Image: Getty


Chloe accompanied her mother to the American Music Awards in Los Angeles in January 2000.

Image: Getty


Back in 2002, a brunette Chloe sat in between her parents, Matt Lattanzi and Olivia Newton-John, at the after party of the musical Hair in Melbourne.



In 2005, Chloe had begun her well-documented journey diving into plastic surgery, as she stood by her mother’s side on the red carpet.

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A brunette Chloe and ONJ rocked the red carpet in 2010 at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada.

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This photo was perhaps a sign that ONJ would stand by Chloe’s side during her tenure on Dancing With The Stars Australia. The pair attended a taping of the US version of the show in 2015 in LA.

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Chloe has previously revealed how her mum’s cancer diagnosis forced her to overcome her own battles with addiction.

“Her illness helped heal my illness. I knew I needed to be… I wanted to be bright and happy and available and around for my mum when she was struggling with this,” she told Lisa Wilkinson on The Project in February 2020. “I feel like I’ve just become a much better person.”

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Chloe stood by her mum’s side during the Olivia Newton-John Wellness Walk and Research Run in October 2019 in Melbourne. The event was held to fund cancer research and provide access to world-leading wellness and support care programs for patients within the ONJ Centre – Olivia’s self-funded centre for cancer patients.

Image: Getty


The pair shared a heartwarming embrace at the event.

Image: Getty


It was a family affair, as Chloe and ONJ shared a hug with Olivia’s husband John.

Image: Channel 10


ONJ was visibly emotional during Chloe’s debut performance on Dancing With The Stars in early February. “It was so amazing to see her shine and dance so beautifully it just took my breath away. It was wonderful to be on the other side,” ONJ told The Project host Lisa Wilkinson of her daughter’s performance on DWTS.

Image: Channel 10


The pair exchanged a sweet hug following the performance. “She was support like my rock in that moment and when I got to hug her that was the highlight of the dancing,” Chloe said.

Image: Instagram

Chloe and ONJ

The pair posing up a storm during a Women’s Weekly photoshoot.

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These two always have each other’s backs!



Chloe and Olivia delighted fans in September 2020 by sharing a rare new video of them singing together – all while carrying out the simple task of going to the dentist. “On the way to the dentist, where I will get drilled,” they sang in perfect harmony. “On the way to the dentist, I’d rather have a pill…” – watch the full clip in the player below!

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Chloe Lattanzi and Olivia Newton-John’s mother-daughter duet

(Image: Instagram)

As news broke of the Grease star’s death, Chloe shared a slew of sweet snaps honouring her mother, including a black and white image of herself as a little girl kissing Olivia’s face.

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