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Safety concerns for Nicole Kidman rise as she becomes targeted by stalkers

This isn't the first time she's been stalked.
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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s public displays of affection at the Oscars raised eyebrows from fans and fellow celebs, but an insider says the stressed pair were just keen to let off some steam, after what has been an incredibly worrying few months.

The A-list couple are growing increasingly concerned about their family’s safety and are splashing the cash on upping the security at their sprawling Australian estate in the NSW Southern Highlands.

The stars, both 55, have scored approval to add a $32,000 gatehouse, which will be manned by round-the-clock security guards at their $6.5 million Bunya Hill farm in Sutton Forest.

They now have around-the-clock security.

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“It is sad that they have to go to such lengths to protect their family,” commented one fan. “I hate that they have to do that – but children need a safe and secure home – bravo to them for putting family as a priority,” added another.


Nicole – who shares daughters Sunday, 14, and Faith, 12, with Keith – is right to be wary. For decades, the Aussie actress has been targeted by stalkers. In 2001, Nic was forced to file a restraining order against an alleged stalker who turned up at her Hollywood home.

And in 2011, the Oscar winner opened up about how she was also stalked as a teenager.

“I had a man who followed me around – older, with long grey hair. [It] was my most frightening experience at that age. He found out where I lived and would phone me. He would just sit in a pub across the road and watch – then tell people he was a friend of mine,” the actress revealed.

Nicole has been stalked before.

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“The police talked to him but said they couldn’t do anything until he did something to me. You never know how bad these people are going to be.”

Years later, sources say the star is still on edge. Nicole’s decision to tighten security comes during a very tense time for the couple.

“The lead-up to the Oscars has been stressful and triggering for Nicole and this follows an intense few months of separation from Keith, with her filming in Europe and him in Vegas for his residency,” a source tells Woman’s Day.

“It’s been incredibly challenging and hard for them to not resent their work when it keeps them away from each other and their loved ones.”

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Nicole’s ailing 81-year-old mother Janelle has her especially anxious. “Nicole’s genuinely worried about her mum and hates having to be so far away all the time. She’s desperate to get back to Australia as soon as possible,” an insider tells Woman’s Day.

“Oscars night was not just a reunion for Nicole and Keith, it was a liberation,” says another source of Nicole’s enthusiastic reaction to seeing her husband.

“What’s also been casting a huge shadow over everything for Nicole is that right up until she was en route to the Oscars, she had no idea if she’d be facing her ex-husband Tom Cruise for the first time in years,” adds the source.

“Nicole and Keith deserve to have some fun and you can tell they were still buzzing from their reunion the night before,” shares the pal.

“Everyone knows they’re nuts about each other. Their friends threaten to spray them with water when they get a bit smoochy, but Nicole doesn’t care, she’s found true love and she’s not afraid to flaunt it!”

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