After 17 years of marriage, Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban still look like love-struck teenagers

This couple is the highlight of every Hollywood red carpet.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have set the bar high for Hollywood relationships, with their loved-up moments repeatedly stealing the show on red carpets and their romantic comments making headlines every other month.
And that's just where it begins when it comes to these affectionate spouses.
Another thing the pair love doing is posting sweet tributes to each other on Instagram - and boy, have they delivered some winners over the years.
Yes, from anniversaries to birthdays, and everything in between, both Nic and Keith have posted an endless supply of evidence to prove how smitten they are.
Since tying the knot at St Patrick's Estate in Sydney's iconic Manly back in 2006, the couple have welcomed two daughters; Sunday Rose, 14, and Faith Margaret, 12.
Now a tight-knit family of four, Keith and Nicole have actually confessed their only regret is that their paths didn't cross sooner.

"I wish I could have met him much earlier and had way more children with him, but I didn't," Nicole told Vogue in celebration of their milestone marriage.
"I mean, if I could have had two more children with him that would have been just glorious."
And the sentiment is echoed by Keith, who describes the actress as "an amazing wife and mother" who also doubles as his "best friend".
Take a look at some of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's most amazing moments below!