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Nicole Kidman reveals the romantic gesture that made her fall in love with her husband Keith Urban

''I was a goner!''

By Rebecca Sullivan
Nicole Kidman and her husband of 14 years Keith Urban seem to have one of those marriages that reminds us what true love really is about.
The pair are true equals, supporting each other in their respective careers, and happily raising their two daughters together, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, in Nashville.
And now Nicole, 52, has opened up about how she first fell in love with Keith, also 52, back in 2006.
In a new interview with the Wall Street Journal, the Big Little Lies actress described her singer-songwriter husband as her "mellow muso", revealing his calm disposition is something she truly admires.
"He's pretty much the flip side of neurotic," she revealed.
The pair first met at the annual G'Day LA event in 2005 and they started dating six months later.
Nicole and Keith will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary in June. Image: Instagram
The couple pictured relaxing together in Nicole's hometown of Sydney over Christmas. Image: Instagram
During their early courtship, Nicole explained Keith took her for a ride on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle to Woodstock in New York, the site of the famous music festival, followed by a romantic picnic in the woods.
"I was a goner - I mean, c'mon," Nicole said of Keith's romantic date.
His smooth moves clearly worked - about 18 months after they first met, in June 2006, the couple were married in Sydney.
Nicole revealed it was a special romantic date with Keith that helped him seal the deal. Image: Instagram
The couple pictured during a sweet moment together. Image: Instagram
Nicole also revealed how she and Keith arrange their schedules around their two daughters, aged 11 and nine.
She explained she often deliberately selects supporting roles the require less time on set, and she tries to only do projects that film on location while her younger daughter is not in school.
"We have a system worked out to keep the family together ... I'll pass on films," she said.
"When Keith's not touring, it's much easier. He'll be on tour next year, and then I just don't work as much.
"Literally, it will become imbalanced, and we will change it. We don't have the answers, but the one thing we do know is that we will not jeopardise us."
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The family are currently isolating in Nashville during the coronavirus pandemic.
Keith has been keeping his fans entertained by performing intimate home concerts in his warehouse, and Nicole has even made a guest appearance, singing and dancing alongside her husband while he performs.
The couple will soon celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary this June.

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