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Nicole Kidman supports husband Keith Urban during his second coronavirus gig

The power couple are boosting morale with music once more.

By Alex Lilly
Just last week, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban delighted fans when they live-streamed a surprise gig from their Nashville warehouse as Keith performed some of his hit songs.
And now, country music star Keith is back at it for a second time with his proud wife there to support him.
Keith and Nicole are back for another gig from their Nashville home. (Image: Instagram @nicolekidman)
In a video shared to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Academy Award-winner Nicole tells the camera, "OK so it's Monday afternoon and everyone seemed to love the home gig last Monday so we're back again."
The Big Little Lies star was quick to add, "I mean not me, I'm just here - roadie, fan, audience."
But ever-supportive husband Keith, who was strumming on his guitar in the background, was quick to support Nicole by telling her he "couldn't do it without you babe."
Keith's live stream of course featured his enthusiastic wife dancing along and fans couldn't contain their excitement.
"I'm so thankful for you and Nicole," one fan wrote.
"Absolutely brought some sunshine into my day," another penned.
Of course Nicole was there to support her hubby. (Image: Instagram @keithurban)
Keith's last livestream took place in the warehouse of their Nashville home after he was forced to cancel his performance at the Houston Rodeo.
"We thought we'd set this up, mostly because I was supposed to be playing tonight. I just thought it would be nice to play anyway," he told his fans at the time.
"Even though we can't be in front of all your guys tonight, I want to play some songs and bring a little bit of entertainment into your screens. Thank you so much for jumping in here and joining tonight. I have limited people in here of course."
WATCH BELOW: Keith Urban's impromptu performance. Post continues after video...
Despite currently being in lockdown in Nashville, The Daily Telegraph reported that Keith and Nicole are planning to relocate their family back to Australia so they can be closer to Nicole's 80-year-old mother, Janelle.
We hope to be seeing them Down Under once all this chaos has passed.