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Keith Urban worried about Nicole Kidman’s health after travelling around the world

She has more plans to return to Sydney!
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After they spent a beautiful Christmas Down Under, many were surprised to see that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, along with their daughters, had jetted back home again recently.

The 55-year-old actress flew to Spain via LA at the end of the festive season for work, leaving hubby Keith, 55, in the US, where he played a string of shows.

Nicole and Keith visited Australia for Christmas!

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Nicole visited to see her mother.

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But despite them getting back into the swing of things with their respective projects, they were soon back in the Harbour City again!

Stopping by for a whirlwind visit before taking off three days later, sources say the couple met up in Australia to spend more time with Nicole’s ailing mum Janelle.

It’s believed the trio managed to grab a cosy dinner in Sydney together and took their kids Sunday, 14, and Faith, 12, to the beach.

Keith is becoming concerned.

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“He’s worried that she’s running herself ragged.”

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Last year, Nicole confessed she was spending more time with Janelle and trying to look at the world through her 82-year-old eyes.

“We’re down here primarily to take care of my mother and to have her surrounded by her grandchildren,” she shared.

Those close to the couple say the globetrotting is taking its toll on Nic – and Keith’s rightfully growing concerned.

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“He’s worried that she’s running herself ragged trying to be there for everyone, from her mum to him to the girls to her film industry friends and colleagues,” says a friend, who notes Nicole has signed up for a string of new projects, including a thriller alongside Jamie Lee Curtis.

“He’d love to encourage her to take some time out this year, but he can’t see that happening – she already has a packed film schedule and more plans to commute to Sydney,” says the insider. “He’s lost this one.”

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