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Married At First Sight’s Melissa Rawson reveals she is “struggling” with the realities of parenting newborns

''Parenthood is tough.''
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Melissa Rawson and her twins Levi and Tate have been home for the hospital for a few weeks, and now the Married At First Sight alum has shared a vulnerable update with fans about the reality of caring for newborns after the last few “catastrophic” nights of interrupted sleep.

The raw confession, which is relatable for many parents, was made through a video message on her Instagram.

Sitting on her lounge with her hair in a bun and a green jumper, Melissa began her message by telling fans that her twins are “doing fantastic” and have “put on weight, as they should be.”

Levi and Tate, born prematurely in October, are having “bigger feeds” and eat “every three hours” – and now weigh 2.7 kilos.

Following the good news, the mum-of-two turned her attention to her battle with sleep deprivation – which is taking a toll.

“The sleep deprivation is just next level,” she said, visibly emotional.

“You are told by everyone that, ‘enjoy your sleep now, you’re not going to get any sleep when the baby arrives ‘… and yes, that’s very true, and I’m aware of that.”

Over the past few nights, the former reality star and her fiancé, Bryce Ruthven, have been “catastrophic” because the twins have only been sleeping for “five minutes here and there.”

Melissa posted this picture to celebrate the boys coming home from the hospital.

(Credit: Instagram)

New mum Melissa also noted that she is incredibly happy to have her twins home and is grateful she has strong support systems with family and friends offering to take care of the boys so she and Bryce can have some sleep.

The former Married At First Sight contestant shared a lengthy caption to help other parents feel less alone with their journey alongside the video.

“Not every day is a good day in parenthood or life in general. No matter how many happy posts, stories, reels, partnerships that you may see, we tend to only post the good or glamorous,” she began.

“So, I’m posting this because I know I’m not alone, and there are others out there that can relate to my experience and could potentially give advice and a kind word to someone reading the comments here… to know they’re not alone.”

“So, I’m posting this because I know I’m not alone.”

(Credit: Instagram)

She dedicated the rest of her message to encouraging struggling parents to reach out to support systems.

“I’m putting my hand up to say I am struggling and that parenthood is tough.

“Sleep deprivation is torture. But having babies you love with all your heart, a good partner/people in your close circle, a GP to discuss a plan and great followers and online support, I know what I’m feeling is only temporary 🧡,” she assured.

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