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MAFS’ Melissa Rawson shares a vulnerable update from the hospital about her twins and the reality of giving birth prematurely

''There's a tiny little fighter under this blanket."
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For parents of premature babies, the road from birth to home can be long, stressful, and intense.

It’s a life-changing experience that has become safer than ever thanks to incredible leaps in technology, but it is still a deeply personal and often private battle.

Married At First Sight bride Melissa Rawson and her fiancé Bryce Ruthven welcomed their twin boys into the world 10 weeks early this week and have had to stay in hospital to monitor their two fighters.

Melissa took to her Instagram stories to share an emotional update about the reality of caring for premmies.

The snap shows Melissa sitting in a chair in the hospital, cradling one of her boys under a blanket.

“There’s a tiny little fighter under this blanket,” she wrote.

Melissa and Bryce have praised the hospital for their care.

(Credit: Instagram)

Melissa also dedicated her message in to families who have shared similar or difficult experiences post-birth.

“I could never have prepared myself for what premmie babies and their families go through, or any parent where their bubby is struggling with life after birth or decide to leave this earth and grow their angel wings,” she penned.

The new mum continued to update fans about how she has been coping through the ordeal, and she expressed her gratitude for the hospital staff.

“The tears never stop, and I wish more than anything they were home with us. But I know they are in the best care.”

Proud dad Bryce shared his own update of the twins by sharing footage from their hospital wing.

“Love spending time with our two little boys,” he wrote, “They’re being very well looked after by the NICU nurses.”

Despite what they’re going through, they have been able to capture the joy they have felt too.

Bryce shared a picture of his boys cradling his finger with their tiny hands, captioning it, “The best feeling in the world 💙”

Melissa replied in his comment section, “😭💙🥰 I love you so much and our babies do too x.”

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Bryce and Melissa’s twins were born 10 weeks early and the new parents confessed it was a “big shock”.

They didn’t want to stay inside and play, they wanted to come out and meet us in the real world,” the new dad shared on Instagram at the time.

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