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EXCLUSIVE: Matty J and Laura Byrne share how isolation has changed their wedding plans, Marlie-Mae’s first birthday and their TV return

Could the Bachelor poster couple be getting their own spin-off reality TV show?
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Bachelor success story Matty “J” Johnson and Laura Byrne are fast becoming the nation’s favourite celebrity couple.

Their candid approach to parenting their adorable ten-month-old daughter, Marlie-Mae (such as Laura admitting she had to hire a babysitter while hungover or Matt forgetting Marlie’s surnname) is refreshingly relatable. And then there are their hilarious isolation videos, forever keeping us amused.

From taking on TikTok challenges to sharing everyday parenting challenges, Matty J and Laura’s videos and popularity have fans (read: us) calling for them to have their own reality TV show.

But, would the couple themselves consider it?

“I think our lives are too normal and drama-free to make interesting reality TV,” Laura tells TV WEEK.

“If we did do anything, I think we’d prefer to do comedy similar to Skithouse or Little Britain, which also means Matt can wear women’s clothing without people asking questions.”

WATCH: Matty J and Laura take on the Flip The Switch challenge. Story continues below.

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If you haven’t seen Matt wearing one of Laura’s dresses in their Flip The Switch challenge video, it truly is quite the sight (you can watch it in the player above).

While isolation has resulted in some hilarious content from the couple, it’s also wreaked havoc on their wedding plans.

After meeting on The Bachelor Australia in 2017, Matt proposed to Laura on their Fijian babymoon in April last year.

The couple first shared the news of their engagement on Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

Like many couples planning to tie the knot, they’ve had to rethink the celebration.

“We had originally thought that we would have our wedding this year, but juggling a baby and full-time work meant that we never got around to locking in a date and venue,” Laura tells us.

“Luckily our lack of plans and disorganisation meant that we didn’t have to cancel anything. We are now looking to 2021.”

WATCH: Matty and Laura’s hilarious video about motherhood and breastfeeding. Story continues below

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One major milestone they won’t be able to postpone, however, is Marlie’s first birthday.

“It’ sad we won’t be able to have a first birthday party with our friends and family, but we are still going to try and make the day special,” Laura reveals.

So what does an isolation-birthday in the Johnson-Byrne house involve?

“Maybe Matt and I will get dressed up in some themed outfits for her and turn the lounge room into a blanket fort, we’ll binge watch The Wiggles, zoom the family and have pancakes for lunch,” Laura laughs.

Honestly, this sounds like a lot of fun and we’ll probably steal some of these ideas ourselves.

Laura and Matty are determined to make Marlie-Mae’s first birthday super special, even if they can’t throw party.

(Image: Instagram)

Until then, Matt and Laura have delved into the tumultuous world of sleep training with Marlie-Mae.

“The first week is the hardest because as soon as she made a noise Laura wanted to run in and settle her,” Matt recalls.

“But, it was totally worth it. Getting a solid 8 hours is the best gift anyone could give us.”

Particularly given the couple are still working while in isolation.

“I’m still working full-time from home on [my jewellery brand] ToniMay and my podcast, Life Uncut, which keeps me really busy and Matt’s also been busy with his podcast, The Babble,” Laura says.

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