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Matty J forgot daughter Marlie-Mae's name on Instagram - but Laura Byrne made sure it won't slip his mind again

Clearly it's not only mums who suffer from baby brain...

By Alex Lilly
Matty 'J' Johnson and Laura Byrne may be all loved-up, but they know how to keep it real in their relationship.
For example, on Wednesday night former Bachelor Matty uploaded a trio of photos of the couple's nine-month-old daughter but made an awkward mistake in his caption.
But quick as a flash, fiancee Laura was there to name and shame him via her own Instagram account.
Awkward! Did you spot Matty's typo? (Image: Instagram @ladyandacat)
Matty's original caption to his photos was "The many faces of Marlie-Mae Rose Clifton," which understandably left some fans scratching their heads in confusion.
"She is gorgeous but did you get her surname wrong?" one of his followers commented, whilst another asked, "Confused with Clifton, is that a second middle name?"
Thankfully Matty's fiancee and mum to Marlie-Mae was there to sort out any confusion with her own screenshots of Matty's slip-up.
"@matthewdavidjohnson just posted the most adorable photos of Marlie... Such a shame he momentarily forgot he was the father. 😂😂😂😐 @robertplumbbuild this is awkward. #iwishthiswasajoke #ihavenowords (Clifton is Matt's brother in law... R.I.Pee my pants)," she captioned the snaps.
Matty and Laura welcomed Marlie-Mae JOHNSON in June 2019. (Image: Instagram @matthewdavidjohnson)
Matty himself quickly edited the caption back to Johnson, but did acknowledge his awkward mistake in the comments section.
"Oops... I can't even get the name of my own child right. JOHNSON.. not Clifton," he penned.
Laura also shared a video to her Instagram stories teasing "Who's Bill Clifton?" to an unimpressed Matty who replied that it was his brother-in-law.
"I'd just seen their new child, Charlotte Clifton and as I was writing the name, Clifton was in my head," he explained.
"It's a mistake, they happen, it's fine. It's not a big deal, people get names wrong all the time," he added as Laura laughed in the background.
Laura didn't hold back teasing her future husband. (Image: Instagram @ladyandacat)
This hasn't been the only parenting highlight from Laura Byrne this week.
During an appearance on Matty's podcast, The Babble, jewellery designer Laura confessed that she and her staff celebrated with "a very big Christmas party" for her business Toni-Mae at the end of 2019 and went a little too hard.
WATCH BELOW: Laura Byrne's hungover parenting hack confession. Post continues after video...
"We made our staff stay out until we got kicked out of the casino and then I had to hire a babysitter because I couldn't get out of bed the next day," she confessed on the podcast.
"So I stayed in bed while the babysitter took care of Marlie."
She then joked "Am I going to go to jail for that?"
Parenting at its finest, we say!