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Laura Byrne's hilarious reaction after finding out these other reality TV stars share her baby name

''Mae the force be with you!''

By Rebecca Sullivan
There's an unusual trend happening right now in the world of Australia's former reality TV contestants - they're all choosing to name their beautiful baby girls Mae.
The Bachelor's Matty J and Laura Byrne called their daughter Marlie-Mae, while Married at First Sight's Davina Rankin and boyfriend Jaxon Manuel chose Mila-Mae for their new bub, and Bachelor In Paradise's Simone Ormesher and partner Matt Thorne settled on Gracie-Mae.
This explosion in the hyphenated Mae names did not go unnoticed by Laura, who posted about the name coincidence on Instagram this week, in the most hilarious way.
How cute is Marlie-Mae?! (Instagram)
Taking to her Instagram stories on Monday, Laura posted these two gorgeous - and very entertaining! - snaps of Marlie-Mae, with the caption: "The face you make when you realise that 90 per cent of ex-reality peeps have named their kids ... -Mae this year."
She then posted a smiling photo of her daughter, writing: "Mae the force be with you!"
This response is absolutely hilarious. (Instagram)
Too cute! (Instagram)
Funnily enough, Laura has previously spoken about her fear of the hyphenated -Mae name becoming super common!
Speaking on the Shameless podcast back when she was still pregnant, Laura revealed the name Marlie-Mae was her top favourite moniker.
"My favourite, if it's a girl, I really want to call it Marlie-Mae," the jewellery designer revealed.
"Hopefully I'm going to have a baby before anyone else is listening to this podcast and there's not like 50 Marlie-Mae's in the kid's school."
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Laura is clearly besotted with her little bub, telling Now To Love in July that she is loving motherhood.
"Honestly, I could stare at her all day, she's amazing. She's the sweetest little thing," she said.
"For all of the adjustments that need to be made … as soon as I had her, I was like 'I'll have another one!' But yeah, it's been really wonderful and she sleeps through the night really well and I think that everyone that has kids has very different newborn stories."
Laura and Matty J are engaged to be married and plan to tie the knot in 2020.