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Matty J and Laura Byrne’s hilarious self-isolation videos are seriously getting us through quarantine right now

Let's call it a corona silver lining!

By Maddison Hockey
We're just going to say it: Matty J and Laura deserve their own reality show.
Whether it is a result of going stir-crazy in isolation or they're simply using this time to refine their comedy skills, the happy couple's Instagram videos are providing us with constant giggles and entertainment.
And we're more grateful than ever for the distraction, given these trying times.
Since finding love on Matty J's season of The Bachelor, the couple have continued to blossom to become one of our favourite celeb pairings.
Relatable, unfiltered and honest, both Matty and Laura regularly post photos and videos that are both real and hilarious.
When the couple welcomed a gorgeous baby girl, Marlie-Mae, the relatable content only got better. Plus, have you seen that cute face?
If we haven't swayed you to join team Matty J and Laura just yet, we've rounded up their best posts, below.
That time Laura and Marlie-Mae went into business together
"Hey guys, I've just started a new window cleaning service. Bookings are filling fast," Laura hilariously captioned the post.
Kids are never too young to start earning their keep!
We're not too sure how successful Marlie-Mae's window washing business will be, but we can't possibly deny she's the cutest entrepreneur we've ever seen.

That time Matty and Laura made their own skit about breastfeeding
This one is for any mum who's relished that first glass of wine after they finish breast-feeding.
The couple not only committed to the hilarious skit, but included some killer outtakes that will have you on the floor laughing.
Matty and Laura backed up this video with a very relatable parenting confession on Matt's podcast The Babble, where Laura admitted to hiring a babysitter to help get through a hangover.
Watch the hilarious video in the player below. Story continues after video.
That time they did the #fliptheswitch challenge
If there's one good thing to come out of isolation, it's Matt and Laura making more videos.
The couple, like many of us, having been going stir-crazy while stuck indoors and recently took on the Flip The Switch challenge, inspired by the Quavo and Drake hit song.
Matt's dance moves are enviable, but all we can wonder is how he fit into that dress?!
Watch the clip below.
That time Laura and Marlie-Mae had a wild night in
There is no denying isolation sucks, but it makes moments like these that make it all the sweeter.
This mother and daughter sure know how to make the most of a Saturday night in, with their own living room dance party.
Watch the video below.
That time Matty taught Marlie the important life lessons.
Like father, like daughter.
Matty is using isolation to teach Marlie some very important life lessons "to set her up for adulthood."
And if this video doesn't make you smile, we don't know what will.
Watch the clip below.
That time Matty J made us relive all of our hangovers
Matty perfectly summing up all the types of hangovers we've had is a little too relatable.
We're almost always number two.
Watch the video below.
Now, tell us you're not convinced - we won't believe you!