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Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley just gate-crashed a fan meetup and the reaction is the purest thing you’ll see today

The pair co-host popular podcast, Life Uncut.
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Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley are the epitome of female friendship.

While they’re at slightly different stages of life (Laura is a mum-of-two while Brittany has recently started dating tennis star Jordan Thompson), the pair have so clearly had each other’s backs from day dot that it’s hard not to love their bond.

Oh, and we can also thank the Bachelor franchise for that…

It’s a big reason why their shared podcast, Life Uncut, is so popular.

In each episode, the pair chat candidly about their own experiences in dating, relationships, careers and attempt to answer and give advice on questions from 20 and 30-something women about all aspects of life.

It’s like listening in on a conversation between two pals – one that brings a whole community of women together. And for Laura and Brittany, they decided to take the feat quite literally over the weekend.

Laura and Brittany were clearly ecstatic to join in the fun of their fans.


On Sunday, the pair “gate-crashed” a Life Uncut podcast meetup in Sydney, much to the surprise of unsuspecting guests.

Sharing the moment on their Instagram story, the pair jumped in to the gathering consisting of 15-20 women and promptly sat down and began chatting to them.

On her Instagram story, Laura said: “Britt and I crashed a Life Uncut meetup and surprisingly there’s more than two people here!”

Meetups are common in the podcast sphere – often, podcasts will have a community group on Facebook where their fans can interact and share their own experiences with each other.

It’s also a great way to make new friends, whether you’re new to a city or just wanting to meet some different people.

The pair embraced the meetup guests after making a surprise arrival.


Brittany clearly made an impression with her choice in outfit – the reality TV star wore a thick brown teddy coat, which looked both cosy and chic.

Taking to her Instagram story afterwards, she told her followers: “Y’all are frothing on the jacket… so I’ll tell you my secret… It’s from Kmart and it’s lit. That’s how I roll.”

Brittany’s chic teddy coat got her fans abuzz.


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While the pair have no doubt garnered their own popular followings in the wake of their stint on The Bachelor, it’s lovely to see them utilise their influence and unexpected friendship by sharing it with women across Australia.

And who knows, perhaps at the next podcast meetup you’ll find a certain celeb host tagging along…

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