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“You created an amazing life”: Jessica Mauboy mourns her grandfather’s sad death

''Love you forever.''
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Jessica Mauboy has honoured her Bapa (grandfather) following the sad news of his death on September 14.

Her paternal grandfather died 18 years to the day after his late wife, who Jess and her family lovingly referred to as Mama.

The greiving singer took to social media to share the upsetting news with her fans, posting a touching tribute to her Instagram Stories.

Writing in Indonesian, Jess shared loving words for “the rock of our family” saying he had gone “home to meet Mama in heaven” and that she was “very grateful for the love and life lessons that you have given to me.”

Switching to English, the 32-year-old continued her post to share a similar message.

Jess shared a tribute to her Bapa on Instagram.


“Today Bapa left us to be with Mama in heaven. On the same day Mama passed away 18 years later,” she penned.

“Bapa we are forever grateful for the life you have provided.

“Through your hard work and sacrifice, dedication and commitment, you created an amazing life for your family. Love you forever,” she finished her post.

Jessica’s niece Saraya Mauboy – who recently appeared alongside her famous aunt on The Voice Australia – also shared a sweet tribute to her great-grandfather.

Sharing photos of herself visiting her Bapa recently, and meeting him as a baby, Saraya wrote a simple tribute.

“Our King,” she wrote. “I love you always Bapa, rest heavenly with Mama.”


Jess previously opened up about her family bonds in an interview with the Australian Women’s Weekly, saying: “I feel really lucky to have a big family who value our family the most.”

She shared how much she enjoys reuniting with her extended family for two weeks every Christmas, calling it “a loud few weeks”.

“There are kids running everywhere, but I sit back and think, ‘Wow, everyone is crazy but I love every single one of you’,” she told the outlet.

“They bring me back down to ground. I have gone to so many incredible events and there are moments where you think, ‘This is fabulous, but I’d rather spend time with my family.'”

Our thoughts are with Jessica and the Mauboy family at this time.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Who.

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