This tinted serum has perfected the your-skin-but-better look, and we may never wear foundation again

We'd expect nothing less from the queen of makeup.
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As much as we love a full glam look, over the past couple of years we have been leaning into the minimal makeup looks, the clean girl aesthetic and skinimalism beauty trends instead.

Not having to apply my usual layer of foundation has not only taught me to be more accepting of my skin au naturel but led me to discover one product that may have changed my makeup routine for good: Trinny London’s BFF De-Stress Serum.

Like magic in bottle, it has all the benefits of a hydrating and plumping serum (thanks to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid) combined with just the right amount of skin-perfecting tinted, buildable coverage.

Trinny London De-Stress Serum, $75 from Trinny London AU


There have been plenty of products in the market to offer the highly sort-after ‘your-skin-but-better’ look, but this well and truly delivers. So much so, I’ve sworn off wearing foundation come lockdown freedom (reserving it purely for date nights and drinks with the girls).

I can’t wax lyrical about the BFF De-Stress Serum without mentioning it’s perfect partner: the BFF SPF 30 Cream.

Like Mac and Cheese or Sonny and Cher, these two are simply made for each other.

Layered over the BFF Cream, it’s a perfecting primer that evens skin tone to create a flawless base.

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BFF SPF 30 Cream, $65 from Trinny London AU

(Credit: Trinny London)

Paired together I can make it through an entire day (comprised of working from home, zoom calls, my daily walk and a stop by the grocery store) and still feel glowy and fresh when it’s time to call it a day.

Only further adding to my obsession (and what I’m sure will soon be yours, too) Trinny has now added a third product to the line up, BFF Rebalance ($75 from Trinny London AU) made for “oiler/combination skin that wants to have medium-coverage with a soft, matte finish.”

Read: The perfect option for the aforementioned date-night/drinks with the girls type occasions.

The product was born after the makeup maven herself suffered menopausal breakouts.

“When I suffered from badly congested skin, it was so difficult to find a product that gave me enough coverage, wasn’t too shiny and would actually not make my skin worse by wearing it. From this, BFF Rebalance was born – a skincare makeup hybrid that delivers just the right amount of coverage whilst helping to tackle congested skin,” Trinny said of the release.

You can check out the range here and thank us later.

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