EXCLUSIVE: Makeup queen Trinny Woodall reveals the EXACT products she uses to create this easy, everyday makeup look in five minutes

''It gives me the sense that I've actually had a few more hours sleep than I had last night.''
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Remember Trinny Woodall from the iconic British TV show What Not To Wear?

Trinny and her sidekick Susannah Constantine taught a whole generation of women how to get dressed properly. They explained how to pick affordable clothing that flatters different body types, showcasing the importance of dressing to complement our body shape, rather than hiding our figures under baggy layers of clothing.

Trinny’s no-nonsense, straight-talking fashion advice garnered her millions of fans around the world – and she’s now become somewhat of a lifestyle influencer, mesmerising her 657,000 Instagram followers with her daily IGTV videos, where she offers up genius fashion tips.

Got a jacket that’s too tight on the arms? Slash the lining to make it bigger, Trinny says. That glamorous old frock that you cannot part with, even though it doesn’t feel like you anymore? Dress it down with jeans, a blazer and cool accessories is Trinny’s advice.

And now almost 20 years after What Not To Wear first debuted on our TV screens, Trinny, 56, has added another string to her bow – a beauty brand.

She’s the founder of her own wildly successful makeup line, Trinny London, targeted at the same generation of women who grew up watching her on TV.

All of Trinny’s makeup products come in “stackable and portable” little pots that are all designed to be used with your fingers. They’re creamy, dewy, idiot-proof and are the perfect tools to help women create that your face but better makeup vibe.

So here at Now To Love, we asked Trinny to show us how to create a natural but “done” makeup look that’s easy enough to whip up in just five minutes.

You can watch Trinny’s exclusive makeup tutorial video in the video player above – or keep on scrolling to see which products she used to create the look below.

FYI, Trinny’s products are available to purchase online here and shipping to Australia costs $20, or is free on orders over $150.

Want to create this exact makeup look? Trinny shows us how.

(Image: Supplied/Now To Love)

How to get Trinny Woodall’s Five Minute Face


After applying her skincare products, Trinny rubs a few pumps of her BB Cream, called BFF Cream ($65), all over her face, just like a moisturiser.

Sunscreen is the #1 best anti-ageing skincare product, as the sun, particularly in Australia, is the biggest cause of ageing.

Trinny explained the importance of wearing sunscreen everyday.

“For me, I like SPF 30 and I know you Australians are good about going in the sun with protection. But in cold England, I do [SPF] 30. If I was going abroad, I would do 50,” she said.

The “skin perfecting” product contains a slight glow and also colour-morphing technology that adapts to the exact colour of the user’s skin.

“This is my base that I put on every single day winter or summer and it gives my skin a glow, it change to the colour of my skin,” Trinny explained.

“It gives me the sense that I’ve actually had a few more hours sleep than I had last night.”


Trinny is not a big fan of applying a full face of proper foundation. This is a common makeup mistake many people make, thinking putting on more foundation will result in a more flawless-looking base.

Trinny suggests we apply a bit of base product only where we need it, to cover up imperfections, redness, discolouration or any breakouts.

“I think lots of women put on lots of base, but we don’t really need it,” she said.

“So I made Just A Touch ($50), which is a foundation and concealer.

“I want you just to dab it where it should go. I apply it just where I need it, where I need some coverage.”

Trinny London’s BFF Cream, which also contains SPF 30. You can see here how the various little pots can stack on top of one another.

(Image: Instagram)


Trinny’s Miracle Blur (48.50) product is a nude, all-purpose balm designed to fill in lines, scars and any divots in the face.

“I always go to Miracle Blur. it’s this little miracle in a pot,” Trinny said.

“I develop all the things for Trinny London from issues that I’ve got. I’ve got a few lip lines scars from when I had acne. So I can put this on and fill in my little scars and I can go around and diffuse my lip lines.”

The product can also be used to get rid of excess shine around the nose, chin and forehead.

“If I want to take off the shine it will just diffuse that as well. So now I’ve got shine here [around her cheeks and cheekbones] and not around my T-zone.”


Trinny’s Lip To Cheek ($45) pots do say exactly what they say on the tin – and they can also be used on the eyes to create a seamless colour palette all over the face.

“When you have a pot in your hand, you can put it anywhere,” Trinny says.

“So even though the formula is very nice for lips and cheeks, I’ll take and put it on my eyes.”

Trinny says key to getting that natural-looking pop of colour, rather than looking like a clown, is blending with your fingers.

“The trick I’ve learned over the years is to just blend and blend and blend … and that’s why I love using fingers, because I think you have this relationship with your skin where you really put the product on and it becomes sort of one with your skin.

“So nothing is ending up just sort of living on top.”

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The little pots of Trinny London products.

(Image: Instagram)


Trinny’s natural-looking balm highlighter The Right Light ($45) helps the skin catch the light and creates a gorgeous dewy, natural-looking glow.

Trinny’s hot highlighter tip? Mix it with your blush.

“I’ll take some highlighter and I’ll mix it with the [Lip To Cheek product in shade] VB. So I’ve got that highlighter with a little bit of the colour and I’ll just put that slightly higher up on the cheek, and then put the highlighter on top,” she said.


Trinny applies her cream bronzer, Golden Glow ($45), to the parts of her face “where I feel the sun might hit me”.

And she has some great bronzer application tips.

“I don’t want to treat this like a contour. I want to treat this like the sun. I’ll start in the middle of my forehead and then I’ll work my way out to my hairline. So I won’t have this fake-looking hairline. And I’ll do my nose too,” she explained.

“It just gives me that sense that I’ve been a few days in the sun, without it damaging my skin.”


A quick swipe of her Sheer Shimmer Lip Gloss ($40) adds some modern shine to the lips.


While Trinny doesn’t sell mascara in her own line, she always applies “a quick flick of mascara” to make the eyes look awake, then she’s done!

Trinny London products are available online at

Trinny, our Queen.

(Image: Supplied/Now To Love)

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