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In an age of lockdowns, social distancing and blurry Zoom calls, it’s fair to say that we’ve probably all dropped our beauty game a little.

The ‘lockdown look’ definitely had its perks. We learnt to love bare nails, natural complexions and self-care. The top knot got recognised for the superior and versatile hairstyle that it is. And it was good to favour at-home facials over fake tan and foundation for a while.

But with restrictions easing and calendars filling up in the lead up to Christmas, a little refresher in makeup basics (and intermediate skills!) may be necessary for all of us.

Below, we’ve rounded up four genius makeups tips. Add them to your daily glam routine and 2021 won’t know what’s hit it!

1. Apply concealer before applying foundation

In life, you tend to either be a person who follows beauty rules and recipes strictly, or someone who opts for a more relaxed approach.

Mario Dedivanovic, also known as @makeupbymario and the man Kim Kardashian West trusts to do her makeup, is urging us all to embrace more of the latter freestyle spirit, especially when it comes to the order of your base products.

Traditionally, experts advise applying foundation first and then ‘spot correcting’ any blemishes, pigmentation or dark circles with concealer. However, Mario endorses applying concealer before you apply foundation.

His advice ensures you don’t get cakey coverage.

He particularly recommends this method around your eyes where using a full coverage concealer first is the trick to avoiding product seeping into fine lines, which can have the double negative whammy of ageing us, and making it look like we don’t know how to apply makeup!

When you do get to your foundation, apply it with a brush for a professional finish. Try Glam by Manicare Glam Pro F1. Blending Foundation Brush. The Pro series range is inspired by professional makeup artists and features ultra-soft, cruelty-free nano synthetic bristles that absorb less foundation resulting in an even application, and ensuring your base products last longer.

Pictured: Glam by Manicare Pro F1. Blending Foundation Brush, Glam by Manicare Glam Pro S1. Sculpting Brush, Glam by Manicare Glam Pro P1. Setting Powder Brush and Glam by Manicare Glam Pro H1. Highlighter Brush

2. Use lipstick on your cheeks as blush

There’s a stealthy way to make your cheeks look more beautifully-flushed when you’re short of blush, or can’t fit everything in your bag — just use your lipstick!

Use your ring finger to dab the top of your lipstick bullet (any red, pink, peach or coral shade will do) and then simply tap it into your cheeks. If you’re wearing a matte foundation, it’s best to use a matte lipstick, and vice versa, a high-shine or shimmer lipstick works well over a dewy base.

Model Emily Ratajkowski, who’s known for doing her own makeup on photo shoots, swears by the tip, telling Into The Gloss about her DIY secret back in 2013.

Any beauty product that can be used in multiple ways is a winner in our eyes!

3. Take the fuss out of false lashes and eyeliner

If you’ve tried, failed and all but given up with false lashes, don’t!

They can be tricky to master, but thankfully there are a couple of simple tips and some game-changing products that can make the process much easier. Mario, Kim’s makeup artist, says that resting your elbow on a steady surface while applying lashes can make all the difference. It’s not exactly rocket science, but most of us attempt application without any necessary support, and then wonder why we end up with wonky lashes!

If you really want to make life simpler though, it’s all about investing in innovative products. Take Glam by Manicare Glam Xpress Adhesive Eyeliner, a.k.a. the most tech-savvy waterproof eyeliner you’ll ever meet. Part pen-style liner, part lash adhesive (yes, really!), all you need to do is draw a line along your lashes and then press on your false lashes for instant glamour.

The revolutionary product comes in Black or Clear, depending on how dramatic you want your eyes to look, and you can buy it solo — you’ll get up to 30 applications out of it — or as part of a kit. Our fave is Glam by Manicare Glam Xpress Adhesive Eyeliner & Lash Kit 71. Ella-Rose for a fuller flutter that’s still natural-looking. The genius duo are great for those days or nights when your precious getting-ready time has been reduced to all of five minutes! Plus, you’re getting eyeliner and lashes in one. Win win!

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4. Avoid over-applying foundation

As its name states, foundation is the foundation of any makeup look. However, that doesn’t mean you should overuse it. Too much of a good thing and all that…

World-famous makeup artist Hung Vanngo, whose celebrity clients include Julianne Moore and Rose Byrne, says that over-application of foundation is a common makeup mishap that we should try to avoid.

His advice? “It’s best to use only a little [bit], and then use more coverage only in the areas you need it. The skin should look like skin!”

It’s good reminder that it’s easier to add more than to go in too heavy-handed and have to start all over again.

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