How to incorporate self-care into your routine

Finding it difficult to make time for yourself? Here are some tips and tricks to make self-care work for you.

By BTYB Manicare
If you're juggling work, family and the pandemic right now, chances are, you're probably pretty stressed. In fact, studies show working mums are among the most overwhelmed demographic in the country, with many bearing the brunt of home-schooling, child-rearing and general domestic duties.
If you're feeling anxious about all the responsibility piling up, it's time you took some time out for yourself – as the old adage goes, you can only help others after you put your own oxygen mask on. So if your tank is a little depleted, take some time out and grab a few self-care tips from the list below.

Switch off from technology

If you've watched The Social Dilemma lately, you'll know how detrimental technology can be to the human brain. Studies show switching off from our phones can increase productivity, quality of sleep and present moment awareness, leading to improved mental health.
While it can be difficult to stop scrolling at times, experts say the best way to reduce your screen time is to build it into your schedule. It's also a good idea to limit phone use in the two hours before bed, as blue light stimulates the brain, making it difficult to fall asleep.
If all else fails, try making it a rule not to bring your phone to the dinner table or bedroom.

Embrace your zen

Celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr and Lizzo rave about the benefits of meditation, and for good reason - it can help to reduce stress and anxiety, balance emotions, boost focus and improve sleep – all critically important considering the perils of 2020.
Download a meditation app such as Headspace (our favourite) and commit to spending a few minutes every morning or evening centering yourself. To make sure you don't fall off the wagon early on, try starting with 10 minutes a day and work your way up from there.

Make skincare a priority

We know all about the benefits of massage on the body, but as it turns out, a facial massage has multiple benefits too: it helps increase blood flow and reduce muscle tension, making skin appear plumper and smoother-looking.
For a spa-worthy treatment at home, try the Manicare NOVA FIT™ Face Massager with Electronic Muscle Stimulation. It stimulates facial muscles through the use of gentle contractions, making it extremely relaxing to use. Tone, firmness and skin rejuvenation are improved within minutes.
Don't just take our word for it though - clinical results show that over eight weeks, 90 per cent of users achieved visible wrinkle reduction; 95 per cent of users had visibly firmer skin; 85 per cent of users achieved brighter healthier glow and a whopping 100 per cent of users would recommend Manicare NOVA FIT™ to a friend.
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The good news is, it's also super-easy to use. To start, first clean your face with a soft Manicare Erase-it cloth, which is activated with water. Then, double-cleanse with Sonic Mini® Sensiscrub silicone brush to remove impurities deep within your pores. Next, choose from two massage modes on the Manicare NOVA FIT™ - blue to relieve tension and support skin rejuvenation; or red for EMS fitness, which promotes firming, toning and contouring. Apply your favourite serum or moisturiser, and then slowly glide your device upwards and outwards across your face.
Much like a good exercise routine, Manicare recommends using the 5:2 rule when it comes to the NOVA FIT™: five days on and two days off, making it easy to incorporate into a skincare regimen.

Make time for a bath

If you really can't be bothered exercising (we all have those days) a hot bath could be the next best thing. According to research, an hour-long soak in a hot bath produces the same health benefits as a half-hour walk.
The study, published in Temperature journal, and conducted by Loughborough University, took 14 men and asked half to have a bath; and the other half to cycle for an hour. They then measured their blood sugar and amount of calories burned. You guessed it - while cycling burnt more calories than the bath, bathing burnt as many as a half-hour walk (around 140 calories).
Interestingly, participants who had a bath were also found to have blood sugar levels around 10 per cent lower after eating than those who had exercised. In a nut shell? Make time for a bath in your self-care routine.
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