Ridiculously sexist beauty ads

These chauvinistic ads would titillate the execs on Mad Men.

These chauvinistic campaigns will haunt these companies forever. And surprise surprise, casual sexism in advertising ain’t dead yet!

There’s not much we can say except just look at them and prepare to seethe…

Ummm, bitchy much? This 2012 ad from Proactive sparked a campaign to stop showing it as it may be harmful to young people who suffer from acne.

An interesting use of a woman’s pubic hair for Gucci, circa 2003.

Because winning the war against other women is what we really care about, right?

The best part of this ad was added post printing, reportedly by a commuter on a train.

What women are asking is; Are they crazy?

Creepy. Just creepy.

Oh shut up!

“For men” … really?

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