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If you have fat deposits that won't shift...
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It’s a familiar story: we try to do all the right things – we commit to working out, nourish ourselves with a balanced diet, but still, the extra weight doesn’t shift.

Sometimes, despite all our efforts, the problem is hard-to-remove fat deposits that just won’t budge.

One option for suitable candidates, thanks to decades of research and innovation, are advanced liposuction procedures. Vaser liposuction is currently the third most popular cosmetic surgery in Australia, behind anti-wrinkle injections (Botox) and eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty).

Here, Cosmos Aesthetics, which has more than 15 years’ experience in the industry and has performed more than 30,000 liposuction procedures, shares some inside tips on the procedure…

Do Your Research

Liposuction is not something you ever just want to jump into. Liposuction is surgery, it is invasive and carries risks, side effects, and complications, which can be permanent. Before choosing a clinic, check its experience, qualifications and success stories. It’s essential to attend multiple consultations with the doctor who would be performing your surgery to fully understand all the risks, and before making any decisions to proceed.

What Is Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser liposuction is a form of liposuction surgery used for fat removal, and it can reduce the amount of excess fat in targeted areas of the body. Using ultrasound technology, Vaser Liposuction breaks apart and liquefies fat cells in each treated area. Via small incision sites, a cannula is used, and the unwanted fat cells are suctioned out. The procedure is performed using IV sedation (either twilight anaesthetic or general anaesthetic depending on the needs of the patient), along with a local anaesthetic numbing solution.

Benefits Of Vaser Liposuction

• Unwanted and excess fat deposits can be removed from each of the targeted areas, contouring the body shape.

• Vaser liposuction can stimulate skin tightening and enhance skin retraction by more than 50 percent when compared to traditional methods of liposuction.

• At Cosmos Aesthetics, Vaser liposuction is day case surgery, meaning patients are able to go home on the same day they have their procedure.

• Most patients return to work around one-week post-procedure, depending on the procedure, number of areas treated, and their work requirements.

Risks Of Vaser Liposuction

All liposuction is surgery, and you must always understand there are risks, side effects, and potential complications.

• In Australia, a referral from your GP is needed prior to attending a consultation for liposuction.

• Multiple consultations at least seven days apart with the doctor who would perform your liposuction are also required.

• A mandatory minimum seven day cooling off period following your second consultation before making any decisions about booking a procedure.

During your consultations at Cosmos Aesthetics, the doctor will discuss all potential risks in detail, as well as your result expectations. It is important to understand that your results are not guaranteed to look the same as the results someone else might achieve.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Liposuction?

Suitability is determined by the doctor. In Australia, a minimum of two consultations are required before you can undergo liposuction, and in these appointments, your doctor will review your areas of concern and assess your suitability for surgery. This can include:

• If you have realistic expectations regarding the results liposuction surgery can achieve.

• If you have stubborn fat pockets that remain resistant despite diet and exercise efforts.

• If you are having good physical and mental health.

• If you are currently at a stable, healthy weight.

• If your skin elasticity is good.

• If you are willing to follow regular exercise and healthy diet habits after surgery to maintain your results.

• If you don’t smoke currently or are prepared to quit before and after surgery.

Please note: The information provided here is general in nature and should not replace professional medical advice. Always consult with a registered medical practitioner to fully understand the risks of liposuction and whether this procedure is suitable for you.

Brought to you by Cosmos Aesthetics. A leader in the industry, Cosmos Aesthetics has over 15 years of experience performing Vaser Liposuction, ensuring your body is in the safest hands possible.

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