This hotel is letting you order room service for your hair – and it’s completely free

Did we mention it’s only available in Australia?

Anyone with complicated hair – whether that be coloured, damaged, or just temperamental – knows to never, ever use the hotel shampoos and conditioners.

Why, you ask? Because once you’ve found the perfect products that work exactly for your hair type and needs, you can never go back to using the generic product-fits-all type.

This is why we tend to bring travel-sized versions (or sometimes even full-sized) of our favourite products to keep our hair tame whilst on the go.

And while we’d much rather save space in our suitcases and carry-ons for much more important items, it shouldn’t come at a sacrifice of a staycation full of bad hair days.


But what if there was a solution to that? What if there was a hotel offering a catered hair service that would bring you products tailored to your hair needs?

That’s exactly what Ovolo Hotels across Australia are doing, having partnered with TRESemmé to launch the world’s first Hair Service Menu.

The menu allows guests to order bespoke and professional hair products directly to their room during their stay – like you would with room service.

The best part of it all? It’s completely complimentary, meaning you can have tailored shampoo, conditioner and treatment at no extra cost.

The multi-step regimes available to order include the new Lamellar Shine, Purple Toning, Keratin Smooth, Smooth Curls and Strengthen and Restore.

During my stay at Ovolo Woolloomooloo in Sydney, I received the Lamellar Shine range which included two 500ml sized shampoo and conditioner bottles and a 100ml sized leave-in serum cream.

Promising to give me hair “so glossy, smooth and shiny that people will be able to see their reflection it” I was beyond excited to try it. And I was not disappointed.

The shampoo and conditioner felt great against my scalp – not harsh or difficult to deal with like standard hotel shampoos – and the serum cream was the perfect final touch, leaving my tresses feeling hydrated and smooth.

Overall, the entire range was a fantastic feature of my stay, and I didn’t need to bring any of my usual products! Meaning I had more room for other essentials in my carry-on.


Ovolo Hotels

prices vary at

To experience the TRESemmé Hair Service Menu for yourself, you can book across the designer hotel collection including Ovolos in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane.

Key features:

  • 5-star hotel
  • Complimentary Hair Service Menu
  • Multiple locations across Australia

Also available at:


TRESemmé Hair Products

prices vary at Amazon

If you can’t make it to the hotel for whatever reason, you can still recreate the experience at home by choosing which products work best for your hair from TRESemmé’s range.

Range: Keratin Smooth, Strengthen and Restore, Purple Toning and Smooth Curls

Key features:

  • Affordable haircare
  • Hair products suited for your hair type
  • Each range features shampoo, conditioner and treatment

Also available at:

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