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The Block star Tess’s bizarre meltdown

“Oh, my God!”

The pressure of The Block has been known to affect contestants in many different ways over the past 15 seasons.
But on Wednesday night's episode, Cairns-based contestant Tess was stressing for a somewhat bizarre reason.
Seen alone in a car, Tess began strangely touching her armpits before gasping "Oh my God!"
Despite no-one being in the vehicle beside her, Tess narrated what was going on as she worried about her body hair.
"Oh my God I have the hairiest armpits because I haven't worn a singlet once since I've been here!" she wailed.
"I just looked at my armpits and they're hairy! Oh, my God that's so embarrassing!"
The stress had gotten to Tess as she freaked out in the car about her armpits. Image: Channel Nine
"Oh, my God that's so embarrassing!" Image: Channel Nine
Competing against four other teams, Tess and her new husband Luke are giving it their best shot to transform their space housed in the decrepit Oslo Hotel in Melbourne's St Kilda.
The couple have been together for eight years after they met a music gig.
However, the start of their romance was far from fairytale-like – Tess unleashed on Luke after he stood on her foot at the gig.
"I remember I grabbed him by the shirt, pulled him back and said a few choice words," she laughed.
Tess is taking on The Block with husband Luke. Image: Channel Nine
Elsewhere in The Oslo, other teams were embroiled in a far more explosive confrontation.
Victorian Jesse got on the bad side of foreman Keith when he refused to implement the recommended drainage system in their en-suite and host Scott Cam was forced to step in.
Even after being confronted by Scotty, Jesse refused to back down, slamming The Block's rules as "over-the-top".
"Stop arguing. Just put a floorwaste in. it's not your rules, it's my rules. And Keith and Dan's rules," Scott raged.
"And if you're told to put a floorwaste in, separate to your drainage system, then put it in! Don't stand up and say I'm not doing it!"

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