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All interests in Leah and Ash's home on The Block have reportedly fallen out

''This isn't our first rodeo.''

By Tia Thomas
After some contestants on The Block drew the short straw during the 2023 auction, Leah and Ash in House 2 made the strategic decision to pass in their Charming Street home.
Less than a week following the auction, a source commented it could be sold within the next "24 to 48 hours." However, those offers have since passed through.
Leah and Ash's Block home is expected to sell soon (Image: Nine)
House 2 was passed in on auction night after failing to reach its reserve price of $2.97 million. In the days following, realestate.com.au reported the home could sell for $3.1 million – a $130,000 profit, meaning Leah and Ash would be tied with House 1, Kyle and Leslie.
"We were happy with our reserve, I think it's very reasonable for the area that's why I feel like we're okay going on the market," Leah told TV WEEK following the auction.
"I think we can have a lot of families now whose kids fell in love with our rooms… Now I really do believe that they have a shot; this could now be really achievable for them."
Ash added: "This isn't our first rodeo, we know how it works, so we were really happy that our agent was amazing."
Leah and Ash passed in their home during Block auctions 2023. (Image: Nine)
However, Yahoo Lifestyle has reported Leah and Ash's property have since lost all offers and the Melbourne home is currently sitting on the market with no interest.
A builder who worked on the Block home confirmed the news to the publication.
"It is a really sad outcome for the two who poured a lot into this series," they said. "They really thought they had found their happy ending but this has opened a lot of wounds for them both."
The 2022 contestants, Dylan and Jenny were in similar circumstances after not selling their home until February 2023.
"It would seem Leah and Ash may also be looking at a similar wait," they added. "The property will sell but for House 2 their Block journey is still far from over."
In late November, Leah and Ash shared a picture of their Block backyard to Instagram, teasing what Christmas could look like.
"Miss this place," they began. "Hopefully someone calls it home very soon... imagine Christmas in this backyard."
Leah and Ash did have one prospective bidder on auction night; however, she collapsed during Steph and Gian's auction and was taken to hospital. Ash confessed to TV WEEK they would "liaise and chat" with the possible bidder later.
Prior to the fall out of interest, Buxton Hampton East agent Noel Susay – who is working on the sale – revealed he had taken two prospective buyers through House 2 and is "expecting a deal in the next 24 to 48 hours."
"My phone blew up after the show ran on TV," Noel previously told Yahoo Lifestyle.
"On Sunday night I had six phone calls and eight emails, and the emails are still coming with more interest."
"They're buyers who were scared of coming to the show's auctions because they thought they'd get beat by big hitters Danny [Wallis] and Adrian [Portelli]."
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