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Sold! Leah and Ash bid farewell to their Block home four months after the finale

''This isn't our first rodeo.''
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After some contestants on The Block drew the short straw during the 2023 auction, Leah and Ash in House 2 made the strategic decision to pass in their Charming Street home.

Four months on from the finale, Leah and Ash have finally sold their home. 

Leah and Ash’s home has sold.
(Image: Instagram)

“The moment we heard the big news….SOLD!!!!,” they began on Instagram.

“We can finally reveal our Block House just got snatched up by a family….to live in! 🎉From the very beginning, our aim was not just to build, but to pour our hearts into every corner, hoping to find someone who would appreciate our creation.

“It’s been a tough few months as we’ve had a few close calls with this sale. Despite the challenges and the doubts, we have remained steadfast in our vision and we cannot tell you how relieved we are that our dreams for this house is finally a reality.

“Now, as we say goodbye to our Block adventure, we’re feeling grateful and proud. We are so thankful to our agents @noelsusay and @hallimoore_realestate , who have worked tirelessly on this. They have been there every step of the way with us and have shown unwavering dedication to achieve a successful result for us.

“Our home isn’t just a house – it’s a symbol of guts, resilience, and doing things our own way. Here’s to embracing uniqueness and living life with good vibes! Cheers to a new chapter! 🏡✌️,” they concluded. 

According to Domain, Leah and Ash scored a profit of $155,000 after a bidding war reportedly broke out between two buyers.

Leah and Ash’s Block home is expected to sell soon

(Image: Nine)

It has been a tough road for Leah and Ash after a source commented their home would be sold within the next “24 to 48 hours” merely less than a week following the auction. However, the offers quickly passed through, with reportedly no interest from buyers afterwards.

House 2 was passed in on auction night after failing to reach its reserve price of $2.97 million. In the days following, reported the home could sell for $3.1 million – a $130,000 profit, meaning Leah and Ash would be tied with House 1, Kyle and Leslie.

“We were happy with our reserve, I think it’s very reasonable for the area that’s why I feel like we’re okay going on the market,” Leah told TV WEEK following the auction.

“I think we can have a lot of families now whose kids fell in love with our rooms… Now I really do believe that they have a shot; this could now be really achievable for them.”

Ash added: “This isn’t our first rodeo, we know how it works, so we were really happy that our agent was amazing.”

Not long after Yahoo Lifestyle reported Leah and Ash’s property lost all offers and the Melbourne home was sitting on the market with no interest. A builder who worked on the Block home confirmed the news to the publication.

Leah and Ash passed in their home during Block auctions 2023.

(Image: Nine)

“It is a really sad outcome for the two who poured a lot into this series,” they said. “They really thought they had found their happy ending but this has opened a lot of wounds for them both.”

The 2022 contestants, Dylan and Jenny were in similar circumstances after not selling their home until February 2023.

“It would seem Leah and Ash may also be looking at a similar wait,” they added. “The property will sell but for House 2 their Block journey is still far from over.”

Speaking on their neighbours home, Kyle and Leslie admitted it would be “really difficult” to sell post-show given people would ‘low-ball’ the price as the homes worth is public.

” I don’t know if it’s Leah and Ash that make the final decision about what the house gets sold for, but if they want to stick to their guns and they’ve got a price in mind then let it go for as long as possible if you want to make what you want to make,” Kyle told Yahoo Lifestyle

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Sources informed Yahoo Lifestyle, that the pair were ‘floundering’ to find “new ideas” on how to sell their home and was ‘frustrated’ by the process.

“It is like the longer the house is still on the market the further away an ending is in sight. A Christmas miracle is needed at this stage if they want the house sold in 2023,” the source reportedly said.

Leah and Ash did have one prospective bidder on auction night; however, she collapsed during Steph and Gian’s auction and was taken to hospital. 

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