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The Block 2023 runners-up Eliza and Liberty reveal how they’ll splash their winnings

''We didn't even contemplate...''
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After a nail-biting auction night on The Block 2023, fans watched some contestants smash profit expectations, while others received less prize-money than they hoped for.

Despite this rollercoaster of emotions, it was incredible to watch this season’s underdogs, Eliza and Liberty, who placed second in the competition after Australian entrepreneur Adrian Portelli bid a staggering $4.3 million on their East Hampton home, $1.05 million over reserve.

The girl’s lack of knowledge in building was a constant reminder on-set as they struggled with sleep deprivation, troublesome builders and harsh critique of their rooms from the judges.

Eliza and Liberty won a profit of $1.05 million.

(Image: Nine)

When the final bid was called, Eliza admitted to TV WEEK she “just didn’t expect it.”

To which Liberty responded: “We didn’t even contemplate how we would spend that kind of money because we never thought it would be a thing for us”. We don’t know how we would spend that. I think first and foremost we would love to go on holiday together.”

The sisters joked Steph and Gian would pay for their holiday back to the couples “homelands.”

The sisters came second on The Block 2023.

(Image: Nine)

However, as for how they actually plan on spending their prize money, Eliza listed her wish list in order: “Holiday first, then expensive handbag, then house… will we have enough money left?”

It may come as a surprise to Blockheads that the pair want to be by each other’s side following the stressful renovation competition, even as Eliza said they’ve “definitely spent too much time together.” But it’s their “mutual respect” which keeps them close.

This “mutual understanding” in the lead up to the stressful auction day on The Block mended the relationship with other contestants which had been feuding during the season.

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“A MAFS-style dinner would be boring now because we’ll be getting along,” Liberty said.

“I think this last week has made us really reflect on everything and the shows now kind of done. We all have a mutual understanding of how hard everyone’s worked and we genuinely want everyone to do so well.”

Eliza added: “We’re all in a really good place now, which I think is nice. Like we’ve all sort of put our swords down and we all genuinely want each other to do well.

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