From roses to rings: The Bachelorette's Georgia Love and Lee Elliott's romance in pictures

A LoveLee story for the ages.

By Alex Lilly
Not many can say they met their partner on a national reality TV show accompanied by a donkey, but The Bachelorette's Georgia Love and Lee Elliott are one of the few couples that can.
With their shared love of puns, good food and wine as well as their insane good looks, these two are a match made in heaven!
But it hasn't been all smooth sailing as just days after the show's finale aired, Georgia tragically lost her mother to pancreatic cancer. Though she had incredible support from Lee, it was a tough start to their new romance.
"It was really hard on him, and it was really hard on our relationship," Georgia told Stacey June and Kristie Mercer for The Thinkergirls Pod Channel. "We had a very rocky first six months, and I'm not afraid to say that."
But since then, the lovebirds have gone from strength to strength, and to this day are the franchise's only couple that are still together. What's more, the two made it official in March 2021 and became husband and wife!

To celebrate six years since meeting in the Bachelorette mansion, we've taken a look back at their whirlwind romance.
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