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Georgia Love reveals five years after her mother’s passing that she needs her “more than ever”

''5 years without you, and possibly the hardest yet 💔.''

By Faye Couros
Mourning loved ones every passing year doesn't stop the pain, but it can offer some ease.
However, it's during times when you would turn to that person, and they're no longer there, that their absence can feel even larger.
Georgia Love is currently in the throes of those intense feelings as she mourns five years without her mum, Belinda.
To commemorate the anniversary, the former Bachelorette posted two pictures from her wedding day, that took place back in March.
When Georgia and Lee signed their marriage license during the ceremony, a framed photo of Georgia's mum was on the table.
Alongside her post, she wrote a message about navigating this year without Belinda to support her through hard times.
"5 years without you, and possibly the hardest yet 💔 There was just about nothing you wanted more than to be Mother of The Bride, and it's just so unfair you didn't get that chance," she began.
"I've needed you more than ever this year, and still I wake up every day not believing you're really gone.
"It's unfathomable to know there are still so many more of these awful anniversaries to come 💔," she finished.

Belinda passed away after a six-month battle with pancreatic cancer in 2016, just days after the Bachelorette finale aired.
"It was really hard on him, and it was really hard on our relationship," Georgia said of Lee to Stacey June and Kristie Mercer for The Thinkergirls Pod Channel. "We had a very rocky first six months, and I'm not afraid to say that."
In a chat with Now To Love in 2019, Georgia confessed that losing her mum was painful not just for her but also for sister Katie and dad Chris.
"I thought to myself, I'll just keep busy, I'll keep distracting myself and then I don't have to feel sad, and inevitably, it all came crashing down," she revealed.
"I've needed you more than ever this year." Instagram
Georgia has faced intense backlash this year and had to issue an apology after she posted an Instagram story of a cat sitting on the window seal of an Asian restaurant with the caption, "Shop attendant or lunch?!"
The video was quickly deemed offensive, and as a result, her employers at Seven News Melbourne moved her to behind the scenes.
"Earlier, I posed a video of a cat in a restaurant window. I meant for this to be a joke about an animal being in a restaurant at lunch service time," she wrote in her apology.
"I meant absolutely no insinuation about the type of animal nor the type of restaurant, but I see that my post did not come across like that and was offensive."
More recently, Georgia was sent supportive messages after a colleague at Seven called her out for giving a "grammar note" in leaked emails.