The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor mansion in chaos! Is this the most dramatic season EVER?

Tears, tantrums and catfights – Matt’s facing his share of drama in the house!

The competition for 32-year-old Bachelor Matt Agnew's heart is heating up following last week's rose ceremony bloodbath that saw eight hopefuls chopped in the first week.
And now Woman's Day's on-set spy reveals that behind the scenes, the show has descended into "utter chaos", amid some of the b*tchiest behaviour ever seen!

Bedroom wars

"The tension was so bad that the girls started refusing to sleep in the same room as each other," says the source.
"At one stage there was something of a bedroom protest," adds the insider, who reveals that jewellery designer Cassandra Mamone, 33, insisted she be moved from her shared room following a heated argument with the other Bachelorettes. According to the spy, Cass grew tired of repeated accusations that she was just on the show to get publicity for her jewellery brand.
They can't stand to sleep in same room as each other! Image: Channel Ten

Engagement shock!

Our insider reveals that Adelaide-based Cass did herself no favours by admitting to the other girls that she had called off a previous engagement "because her business has and will always be her priority". The confession did little to play down rumours the feisty brunette has a hidden agenda other than vying for Matt's affections...
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And the villain is...

Woman's Day understands it's Persian beauty Sogand Mohtat who the girls should keep an eye on!
"She's been cast as nothing more than trouble," warns our spy, who maintains she is set to be this year's biggest villain.
"She went around accusing a lot of the girls of being fake... it ruffled a lot of feathers."
Apparently, the 30-year-old got almost the entire mansion off side!
Sogand is ruffling feathers inside the mansion. Image: Channel Ten

Toilet tantrums

Meanwhile, Woman's Day hears that Sogand's antics are nothing compared to the drama bubbling away between fashion designer Monique Morley, 26, and cafe manager Nichole Wood, 25.
"Nichole is a lot more sensitive than she lets on," says the insider, who reveals that the usually bubbly blonde had a breakdown in the bathroom and was reduced to tears after an argument with a producer about her rival Monique.
"Nichole struggled with the constant comparisons to Monique and just felt like she didn't have a place in the mansion or with Matt," reveals the spy.
Chaos abounds as the girls fight for Matt Agnew (pictured). Image: Channel Ten
Nichole (left) and Monique's (right) feud is heating up! Image: Channel Ten

Hannah’s meltdown

After being axed in the first week, Woman's Day can reveal that digital account manager Hannah Chapman, 25, caused producers quite the headache.
"She flat out refused to speak to the cameras, no interview, not a word," says the insider, who also reveals that the Victoria-based Bachelorette was so upset she even refused the prestigious limousine exit!
Hannah gave producers the silent treatment after being booted in the first week. Image: Channel Ten

Will Matt’s favourite walk?

As the mass exodus of girls leaves emotions high, Woman's Day can reveal it's chemical engineer Chelsie McLeod, 28, who could be headed for an early exit!
While originally pinned as a frontrunner, our spy reveals Chelsie is "plagued about whether or not to leave the show" after having doubts over leaving her job in Victoria to take part on the series.
Meanwhile, it seems Matt could be in for a shock over brainiac Chelsie's past, with racy photos emerging of the hopeful posing in her underwear while swigging from a bottle of alcohol.
Racy photos have emerged of Chelsie swigging from a bottle of alcohol while posing in her underwear. Image: Instagram

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