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How tall is The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew? His exact height, revealed

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He certainly has the brains and we reckon Matt Agnew has beauty on his side too!

This year’s Bachelor is certainly a looker, but when you see someone on TV, it’s hard to gauge just how tall someone is. And let’s face it, there are plenty of ladies out there who love a tall, dark and handsome guy.

So when we had the opportunity to meet Dr Agnew in the flesh, it was only fair that we ask him how tall he is.

And his response was, “Ummm… I’m 6’3, but 6’6 on Tinder.” Cheeky!

The Bachelor previously revealed to NW, “I have been on Tinder and other dating apps. Some have lead to relationships, other times dates just haven’t worked out.”

Matt Agnew measures in at 6’3.

(Image: Network Ten)

Matt was asked some other questions referring his size on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, and we’re not talking about height.

When asked about the size of his er manhood, the 31 year-old confessed he didn’t know how he “measured up” compared to other men. They even asked him about his number of sexual partners.

“I’m not sure what the desired answer was either… What’s the average, again? Seven? Let’s go with seven women!”

And when he was asked how many one night stands he’d had on 2Day FM’s Grant, Ed & Ash, he told the hosts, “I’ll jot down an integral, if you can work it out that will give the answer.”

WATCH: Our first look at Matt Agnew in The Bachelor trailer. Post continues after video…

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In the lead up to the Bachelor premiere, Matt made headlines for his odd yet eyebrow-raising transformation that had people speculating that he’d either been photoshopped or had a nose job.

But in a chat with Now To Love, the astrophysicist confirmed he’d put in some contact lenses, had a haircut and got back into his exercise regime.

Matt surprised everyone when he arrived at the TV WEEK Logie Awards without his trademark glasses.

(Image: Network Ten)

“I alternate between glasses and contacts because in front of the camera, the glasses can catch light and it’s easier to wear contacts really,” he revealed.

Speaking of the rumours that he’d undergone cosmetic surgery and wore fake glasses, he joked “They’re not that creative, I kind of want to see some more outrageous ones like I’ve got a third one or something!”

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