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The Bachelor 2019: Meet lingerie designer Monique Morley and see her INCREDIBLE beauty transformation

The blonde bombshell used to look COMPLETELY different!

By Rebecca Sullivan
The stunning blonde bombshell Monique Morely immediately ruffled some feathers when she walked into the Bachelor mansion on Thursday night, with her easy charm and drop-dead-gorgeous looks sending the other contestants spiralling.
And we have to say, we don't blame them! Monique clearly has immediate chemistry with the Bachelor Matt Agnew and could be a hot favourite this season.
So, let us introduce you to the woman who is causing so much fuss in the mansion.
Monique is a 26-year-old lingerie designer with her own line called Intimates By Monique and she is currently living in Manly, Sydney.
The stunning fashion designer sent the other girls into a tizz when she arrived in the Bachie mansion! Channel 10
Monique describes herself as a huge tomboy and a quick look at her Insta page reveals she absolutely loves being outdoors.
She spends loads of her time at the beach in a bikini (looking absolutely incredible, might we add!) and also loves fishing and surfing.
Monique describes herself as "easy-going, out there with a side of glitter. I'm a little extra".
She says she wants a partner who is "confident, affectionate, charming and respectful".
Her relationship deal breakers? "Someone who doesn't show mutual respect, cheating and if they didn't like dogs. I love dogs. And the ocean."
Look at those buns! Instagram
So, what's her type?
"Looks wise I'm open. But I do tend to go for the tall, tanned and blue- eyed typical beach babes." she said. Well, Matt does fit a few of those boxes!
When asked why the hell someone as gorgeous as her is still single, Monique said: "Because of my lifestyle. I'm always on the move travelling. Also my personality is very out there. I'm confident, I see myself as a bit of a tomboy, so I have lots of male friends and that's not everyone's cup of tea."
And for the record, the baby is not Monique's! Instagram
As one of the eight intruders who arrived on Night Two, not everyone is impressed with Monique's arrival.
Prior to entering the mansion, Monique revealed she had "no idea" what to expect.
"I've been around guys my whole life so hopefully everyone can get along. There will be people who don't get along but I'm sure it will be fine," she said.
The self-described "wild child" also told OK! magazine this week that she isn't afraid to voice her opinion.
"I just don't really care what they think of me, to be honest," she told the magazine.
We love that attitude!
The gorgeous blonde has almost 8000 followers on Instagram. Instagram
What we also love is the INSANE glow-up Monique has had over the past four years.
Look, not gonna lie, we went on a massive deep-dive into Monique's Instagram account and found some photos from four years ago where she looks completely different!
For one, she used to be a brunette, and a very well-placed Bachie source told us that yes, Monique has undergone a breast augmentation.
Keep scrolling to see photos of Monique's incredible beauty transformation!
Monique is a total bombshell whose stunning good lucks have sent shockwaves through the mansion. Instagram
Pictured here in 2015, Monique looks completely different! Instagram
These old photos from 2015 show that Monique used to be a gorgeous brunette with long, flowing hair down to her waist.
Plus, it's clear from these before-and-after photos that Monique has undergone a breast augmentation - and she looks absolutely stunning.
See how different she looks now!
What a babe! Monique flaunting it at an event in Sydney recently. Instagram
And just four years ago, sporting long brunette locks, she almost looks like a different person! Instagram
These smoking bikini snaps show the difference between 2015 and now!
Living it up by the pool bar! Instagram
In this bikini snap from four years ago, you can see Monique's bikini bod has undergone quite the transformation in recent years. Instagram
In this smoking hot selfie, it's clear Monique has undergone a breast augmentation. Instagram
In this snap from four years ago, the gorgeous brunette was sporting a very different look. Instagram
WATCH BELOW: The moment Monique enters the mansion.
Want to see more of Monique? You can follow her on Instagram here.

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