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Is this PROOF Abbie The Gemini comes third on The Bachelor?

Look, the logic is compelling…

By Erin Doyle
With every new season of The Bachelor, we – along with the rest of Australia – become obsessed with trying to guess who will be left standing at the end.
Short of kidnapping Matt Agnew until he spills the beans about who his final rose goes to, we've left no stone unturned to try to figure out who wins his heart and who is left dejected and brokenhearted.
After pulling out our magnifying glasses and launching a deep investigation into The Bachelor seasons of the past, we're ~pretty~ sure we now know who comes third.
The very telling clue? She was the first Bachelor beauty of the season introduced by Channel Ten on Instagram.
Every season the official Bachelor Instagram account reveals a woman competing on the show one by one, with the first one usually sticking around for quite a while. Because why promote someone who gets the flick in the first episode, after all?
But crucially, in the past few years, the person revealed first has always placed third.
Signs are pointing towards Abbie the Gemini placing third this season on The Bachelor. (Image: Network Ten)
In the infamous season featuring Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins, this theory holds true with Brooke Blurton revealed first.
Meanwhile, the season prior, which boasted Matty 'J' Johnson as the leading man, it was nanny Tara Pavlovic who was the first cab off the rank when it came to promos on The Bachelor Instagram.
She was ultimately given her marching orders with only Laura Byrne and Elise Stacy left to battle it out for the marketing manager.
Last year, Brooke Blurton was introduced first and came third. (Image: Network Ten)
The year prior, Tara Pavlovic was the first cab off the rank on Instagram and also came third. (Image: Network Ten)
Further back in 2016, Channel Ten shone a spotlight on Olena Khamula initially but she failed to win the heart of Richie Strahan and came – you guessed it! – third.
And while seasons further back don't all follow the same theory, could this be a pattern in recent years that will again repeat itself as Matt Agnew picks between his bevy of beauties?
Only time will tell… but sorry, Abbie – things aren't looking good!
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