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OPINION: Why Matt Agnew is the best Bachelor Australia has ever seen

Sorry Tim, Blake, Sam, Richie, Matty and Honey Badger...

By Alex Lilly
Reality TV addicts around Australia are counting down the days until The Bachelor hits our screens for another year.
And even though we've only seen him in trailers, this year's eligible gentleman Matt Agnew has already stolen hearts around the country. And to be honest, it's easy to see why.
In the past six seasons of the hit reality dating show, every Bachelor has been good-looking, sweet and dropped a few funny lines but Mr Matt Agnew (sorry, Doctor Matt Agnew as his Instagram handle now reads), is a little bit different.
As soon as the 31-year-old astrophysicist was announced as the leading man for 2019, women swooned and went wild tagging everyone they possibly could on every article and Instagram post related to the show.
But why has this one sent us all mad? We've summed it up in the following points.
Going a little bit crazy for Matt? You're not the only one. (Image: Instagram @thebachelorau)

He's a looker

Call us shallow, but Matt Agnew is a handsome man. Physical attraction is a key factor, ok?
Nice broad shoulders, a dazzling smile and if you've seen his spread in NW, his body is to be applauded. And we're not the only ones who've noticed his looks.
"Could possibly be the hottest Bachelor we have had yet.. up there with @matthewdavidjohnson 🤤🤤," one avid fan commented on Instagram.
"Why aren't the American bachelors this hot?" another penned.
Granted, we haven't had a Bachelor who wasn't easy on the eye, but Matt has some other qualities that just heighten his hotness...
Yes, he's hot. Deal with it. (Image: Network Ten)

He has the brain to match

As one keen contestant remarked in the trailer, "I can't believe he's smart, that's so exciting."
Yes it is exciting, because intelligence is a trait that just doesn't get valued on reality TV in this day and age.
Bachelors past have been models, former strippers, personal trainers and rope technicians and while these are all viable careers, their shirtless pictures always seem to take precedence over their education.
With the exception of Snezana Wood's degree in molecular genetics, there are few Bachie stars who have a passion for science, let alone a PhD. Braniacs, rejoice! It's time to value the smarty pants of the world.
Did you know that Snezana Wood has a Bachelor of Science degree in molecular genetics? (Image: Instagram @samjameswood)

He's not in it for the Instagram likes

For all you cynics out there who think he's only on the show to boost his profile, we think Matt may be a little different.
We doubt there are many astrophysicists who will use their Instagram account to boost their career. In fact, Dr Agnew didn't even have an account in the first place and had to make one following his announcement.
And his decision wasn't a random one with the 31 year-old admitting that he'd applied for past seasons of The Bachelorette but "withdrew due to travel commitments and date clashes."
We doubt Matt will follow in the Honey Badger's footsteps. (Image: Network Ten)

He's a the best way possible

Ask any woman and they'll say a sense of humour is a number one priority when looking for a potential partner. And Matt certainly ticks that box.
Don't be fooled by appearances, as Matt revealed to TV WEEK that he doesn't have that introverted, shy persona that academics are usually stereotyped as.
"I've never been shy – I've always been loud and gregarious. I think people like putting people in boxes – and 'nerd' is an easy box to put someone in who's smart or wears glasses."
WATCH: Matt meets Abbie at the first Bachelor cocktail party. Post continues after video...

He has his head screwed on

Blake Garvey may have ditched Sam Frost in a very public way and Nick Cummins may have ditched everyone, but despite declaring he's in love, we doubt Matt is going to cause a drama even after the show's finale.
Matt has the advantage of being an average Joe with no celebrity status and said that he kept his decision to apply relatively private.
"My friends had been pushing me to throw my hat in the ring, but when I decided to back myself and go for it, I kept it on the down-low," Matt told NW. "Mum and Dad were pretty concerned."
But he's made it clear, "I'm not messing around. I've come into this to meet The One."