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The moment that truly ended Bella & Irena's friendship on The Bachelor might come as a surprise

Matters of the heart are not always easy...

By Jess Pullar
If you've been watching The Bachelor this season, you'll know that Bella and Irena have been through quite the journey.
With both contestants billed as the frontrunners to win Locky's heart from day dot, the pair have given fans every reason to believe they're the two that make it to the finale.
Bella, 25, was pegged as a winner from the moment she appeared on-screen.
Dressed in a stunning gold gown, Bella greeted Locky, who quickly quipped: "Sorry I just got lost in your eyes."
As for Irena, 31, turning up with a stethoscope to monitor her suitor's heartbeat was a guaranteed move to propel her to the forefront.
Bella (pictured) and Irena remain frontrunners for Locky's final rose. (Network Ten)
Interestingly, the pair became close friends at first, despite the clear indication that they were both very much into the same bloke.
It was actually quite refreshing. Bella defended Irena when she was grilled by the women at the mansion demanding to know if she'd kissed Locky on her single date, telling them that some things can remain sacred.
Bella and Irena initially had a close friendship. (Network Ten)
But everything came crashing down after the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone back home and into isolation.
When they eventually returned to the mansion, things had changed between the pair.
And it all came to a head in the show's ninth episode, when the girls were finally given the opportunity to "physically connect" (minds out of the gutter, folks), with Locky, after being separated from him for so long.
Ever the romantic, Bella chose to kiss Locky's heart.
If you look really closely, you juust notice Bella's liptick mark on Locky's chest. (Network Ten)
Irena was up next, and, a little awkwardly, decided to draw a love heart over Locky's own heart.
As she drew over Locky's chest, you could see Bella's lipstick mark being covered up by Irena's drawing.
Irena's heart went smack bang over Bella's mark. (Network Ten)
And that, dear reader, was the straw that broke the camel's back.
Bella was already unsure about her friendship with Irena, but this moment sealed the deal.
And that said, both women remain front runners for the final rose - so you'd best get ready for more fireworks as the next few episodes air.
Things are definitely coming down to the wire.

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