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Meet The Bachelor's Dasha: A personal trainer, a mum and a woman who knows what she wants

''I won't settle.''

By NW team
She's an Instafamous PT, but Russian import, single mum and The Bachelor Australia 2018 contestant Dasha Gaivoronski says she leaves all the guys sliding into her DMs hanging.
After her eight-year marriage broke down, Dasha says she's more picky than ever. "I was 22 when I met my ex-husband, and 23 when we got married. It was a cultural thing because at the time in Russia if you weren't married by like 25, then there is definitely something wrong with you," she laughs.
"I told my ex-husband about the show straight away and he was happy for me to do it and he wished me luck. He still lives in Russia and he actually sent me a bunch of red roses saying that he hopes that I find what I'm looking for."
Her focus? To find a good role model for her son Leon, five. "I've been married already and I have a child, so I know what I want and won't settle for anything less than amazing. I would much rather be by myself."
NW caught up with the Russian beauty to find out more!
Meet Dasha!
Why did you apply for The Bachelor?
Dasha: It happened spontaneously while I was in the kitchen with my mum. I said I wanted to do something unusual because I do want to fall in love. I'm a little bit old-fashioned and I haven't been on any dating websites. I never respond to guys who slide into my DMs so I'm like "How do I meet this person?' I really believe you can find something beautiful in all the most unusual places.
You're a total workout warrior! How important is fitness in your life?
Dasha: Fitness is my whole life. I love fitness for more than physical reasons. It's helped me mentally as well. It has helped me overcome a lot of obstacles in my life. I truly believe in the power of fitness and I want as many people to realise the same thing so maybe that's why I'm so passionate about it.

What's been your fitness journey to reach this point?
Dasha: I'm 32 and I'm Russian – let's be honest a lot of Russians have been through things in their life. I've only lived in Australia for five and a half years. Russia was quite a harsh place and I had to deal with a lot on a daily basis which lead to personal issues.
I was married for eight years and fitness helped me through my divorce situation. Fitness helped me through my post-natal depression, too.
I started working out as soon as I stopped breastfeeding my son, he was about 13 months old. I was totally depressed and feeling lost and I wanted to find myself again. I wasn't happy with what I saw in the mirror, so I just joined the gym and it all started from there.
I have been working out and encouraging people as a personal trainer for a long time - way before it became popular on Instagram, believe it or not. I will always keep it real with my followers.

Does your honesty stretch to discussing any cosmetic procedures with your followers? Some fitspo stars aren't always so transparent…
Dasha: Cosmic surgery is so readily available now and as long as it makes you happy then it's fine. I don't like it when we slam and shame people for it.
I've always been quite conscious about my boob situation because I didn't have any so when I stopped breastfeeding my son, it seemed like the perfect time to get them done.
I've always wanted [a breast enlargement] and I'm pretty happy about it. To be completely honest, at this stage of my life I am perfectly happy with everything about myself. I've got to the point where I'm totally confident in my own skin and I don't want to do anything more to my face and my body.
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Did you get into training session with the other girls?
Dasha: Yes! A lot of the girls were down for my circuit training. We kept ourselves busy with our weight training.

You've been married before, why didn't it work out?
Dasha: There are multiple reasons. I was 22 when I met my ex-husband and 23 when we got married. It was a cultural thing because at the time in Russia if you weren't married by 25, then there is definitely something wrong with you [laughs].
As soon as I finished university, it was the only question I was being asked, "When are you getting married? When are you having kids?" It was the measure of your success in life.
Back when I met my husband, I was sure marriage was what I wanted. I thought I was ready to settle down, have children and start a family and be a mother but life changes and we grew apart.

Do you find it hard to date as a single mum?
Dasha: I've been so lucky because so far I've never had to deal with having a child as being an issue when dating. For me, it has only been an advantage because guys just try to get to me through my child. Spoiling him with presents and things like that.
How would you feel if a contestant knew the Bachelor beforehand?
Dasha: For me, I think that would be a disadvantage because if it didn't work out on the outside, why would it work here? Also, it all depends on the relationship they had beforehand too. It all depends on the circumstances.

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