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The Bachelor Australia EXCLUSIVE: Nick Cummins reveals, "I'm ready to propose!"

Does The Honey Badger's Bachelor journey have a fairytale ending?

By NW team
When NW caught up with Australia's next Bachelor Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins, we met a man clearly in love, however he won't admit to it.
When we ask if he's found The One, he laughs. "Without giving too much away, I've got a much better understanding now of what love is to me... and any other information will be found out on the show," he says with a wink.
In between his unique humour, special way with words and the network's strict zipped-lip policy, NW manged to squeeze out some telling information on whether we can expect a proposal at the season's end, and what a wedding would look like to non-traditional Nick.
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Keep scrolling for his revealing chat!
The former footy champion is ready to drop to one knee!
What kind of girl is right for you?
Nick: It wouldn't be about physical features. If I was to draw [her] on paper, I would draw words. Unconditional, free, independent...
What's the deal breaker for you?
Nick: Close mindedness. I like a girl who isn't into football. I don't want them to know what I do. And to not know or care about the sport.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Nick: Yep, I believe in it. And even if you don't believe it, you will when it happens to you. It's all about your experience.
Can you fall in love with someone without sleeping with them?
Nick: I believe you can.
For me love is the absence of judgement, it's a feeling that is unconditional. You can have love for a soul that you don't want to ruin with human sexual activities. You can just be so happy to have met them. And then there is the other side, where it's mainly more of a physical thing and not much else. The golden one is when both are combined.
"I believe in love at first sight," says Nick.
Would you consider proposing at the end of this journey?
Nick: Going into the show, I would not in a million years. Since actually living it...You'll have to wait till August or October.
Do you want marriage in your future?
Nick: Yeah. For me marriage is a union of two souls who are aligned and can deliver their purpose to the world while being together. It's nothing to do with a piece of paper or a diamond ring. It would be a celebration. But it would depend on the girl and what her family believe in and all those sorts of things.
Two of the lovely ladies vying for Nick's heart are football players, Brooke and Cass.
You can't tell us whether you're in love, but can you tell us how you're feeling?
Nick: I'm feeling good. I am feeling like if I died tomorrow, I'd be upset but I'd be happy at the same time. That says a lot.
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