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The Bachelor’s Abbie reveals she was isolated following her kiss with Matt

The backlash was intense!

By Karina Recchi
Nobody could deny the chemistry between Abbie and Matt during the TV WEEK photo shoot on The Bachelor Australia.
But property developer Abbie has revealed that after her one-on-one time with Matt, 32, at the cocktail party later on, which saw the couple kissing passionately, the atmosphere in the mansion became tense – very quickly.
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"I had a hard time after that – there were tears," Abbie, 23, explains. "When one person doesn't like you, you start to feel that nobody likes you. It gets in your head. I felt a bit isolated."
Abbie says the drama started because she told the girls beforehand that she wouldn't kiss Matt.
"I was saying, 'I'm not going to kiss him,' because I didn't think he'd want to kiss me!" she admits. "I honestly thought he didn't even know who I was at this point – we hadn't had a conversation yet. But he said this really smooth line and then kissed me."
And when she returned – without the red lipstick she left with – that's when things got heated.
"I tried to touch it up, and the girls were like, 'Have you kissed him?'" she explains. "I'm not going to lie, but I think they thought I was bragging. I'm a chronic over-sharer. I was so excited, I'd got a rose!"
Abbie tells TV WEEK a lot of the girls – in particular, Sogand – refused to speak to her the next day.
"It's obviously quite a heightened environment to be in," Abbie explains. "You form these bonds with these girls and you've told them your whole life story, and now they're not talking to you because you've kissed the guy we're all there for. It was difficult."
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Despite the backlash from her fellow Bachelorettes, Abbie has no regrets.
"They thought I was there for the girls, but I'm there for Matt," she says. "He's an absolutely amazing kisser! And he's so handsome," she gushes.

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