Meet MasterChef frontrunner Emelia Jackson's partner

The mysterious man behind the show's star cook.

By Alex Lilly
Pastry chef Emelia Jackson has quietly emerged as the fan-favourite pipped to win the MasterChef trophy in 2020.
While the softly-spoken star has become the bookies' favourite to take out the competition, as well as winning over fans with her inspiring speech about confidence, she keeps her personal life private, so there's not much we know about her life outside the kitchen.
The 30-year-old chef previously worked as a marketing coordinator, but after finishing third in the sixth season of the cooking competition, she went on to start her own cake business from her parents' kitchen.
Emelia admits that she became more resilient and confident since her first time on MasterChef.
"If I was to win season 12, I would be able to move my business into a cake studio which would honestly make the world of difference," she admitted.
"If I won I don't know if there'd be a better feeling in the world."
Now, the chef is the favourite to win the whole competition. With her odds as low as $1.75, Emelia could very well emerge victorious.
Emelia has uploaded several photos of her partner, but has kept his identity private. Image: Instagram
Emelia's personal life seems just as sweet as her cake creations - the MasterChef star is in a long-term relationship with boyfriend Craig Gersbach.
The pair keep their relationship very private.
She shares the occasional couple shot on her Instagram account, which usually only features photos of her sweet creations.
The cake-maker extraordinaire even gave away a spoiler that she makes it to the final few contestants in one recent photo with her boyfriend.
Captioning a selfie on her Instagram stories, she wrote: "5 long months apart". If she had been eliminated early on in the competition, she would have been reunited with her beau weeks or even months beforehand.
Emelia and one of the few pictures of her partner she's posted on social media. Image: Instagram
Emelia and her partner holding hands at a friend's wedding. Image: Intagram
Emelia also has a close relationship with one of her fellow MasterChef contestants.
Laura Sharrad, who was the runner-up on season six, was Emelia's friend through primary and high school.
In an Instagram Q&A, one of Laura's fans asked which of the contestants she is closest to - and she revealed it was Emelia.
Not only did Emelia re-post the snap, but she added the sweet caption, "Cuties for life."
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