Who win will MasterChef in 2020? The contestants tipped to take out the Back To Win title

The guessing game begins!

By Rebecca Sullivan
We're reaching the pointy end of the competition on the Back To Win season of MasterChef, with fans and bookies already placing bets on which talented contestants will take home the title this year.
Fan favourites Poh Ling Yeow and dessert king Reynold Poernomo are still in the competition, with some suspecting the nail-biting finale will come down to a stand-off between these two talented chefs.
But a dark horse contender has recently emerged as a possible winning chef - and she's been flying under the radar all season.
Pastry chef Emilia Jackson's odds at winning the entire season have recently increased.
According to betting agency Sportsbet, the semi finalist from the 2014 season has had her odds shaved from $8, to $3 and now they're down to just $1.19.
Back in May, the online bookmaker accepted $20,000 in bets on Emilia, raising suspicions that she could take home the title.
That means she is now the firm favourite to win behind Laura Sharrad, whose odds are at $4.50 and Reynold Poernomo, who has had his odds eased from $1.45 last month to $7.50 now.
From L-R: MasterChef favourites Reynold Poernomo, Poh Ling Yeow and Emilia Jackson. Image: Channel 10
Poh Ling Yeow is fourth in line to win, followed by Callum Hann, Khanh Ong, Sarah Tiong and Reece Hignell.
"Emilia has been simmering in the pack, but with the finals approaching she's been minced by punters," Sportsbet commentator Rich Hummerston said in a statement.
Current MasterChef winner's betting market, according to Sportsbet:
$1.19: Emelia Jackson
$4.50: Laura Sharrad
$7.50: Reynold Poenomo
$21: Poh Ling Yeow
$43: Sarah Tiong
$51: Khanh Hong
$67: Sarah Tiong
$81: Reece Hignell
$91: Brendan Pang
$101: Tessa Boersma
WATCH BELOW: The moment Julie Goodwin beat Poh Ling Yeow on MasterChef's very first season. Story continues after video.
Despite her betting odds sitting slightly below that of her fellow competitions, fans suspect Poh makes it to the end of the competition, as the 47-year-old was spotted out and about wearing a face mask in Melbourne last month, back when the final few episodes of MasterChef were being filmed.
Poh is based in Adelaide and runs her own cafe and food business there, called Jamface. If she had already been eliminated from the competition, it's likely she would not stay in the Victorian capital, instead returning to her home city.
An on April 1, she revealed on Hit 105 that she was only "halfway through" filming the season, leaving fans to speculate that she has a lot further to go in the competition.
And this tweet shared by popular contestant Sarah Tiong on May 6, looking for career opportunity, suggests she doesn't take home the title and massive cash prize.

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