MasterChef star Emelia Jackson's emotional speech stuns fans: "I am an exceptional cook!"

''The vibes we all need in 2020.''

By Rebecca Sullivan
With just a week to go until the winner of MasterChef is crowned for 2020, the emotions have been running high in the MasterChef kitchen.
On Sunday night's episode, fan-favourite contestant Emelia Jackson, who has quietly emerged as one of the chefs tipped to win the competition, stunned viewers with her emotional, inspiring speech following a difficult cook.
The pastry chef was required to cook a fish dish, something she admits is not her biggest strength, but fought hard to save herself from elimination with a delicious barramundi main.
When she presented her dish to judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo, Emelia became emotional when asked how she felt going outside her comfort zone and cooking with fish.
But the under-the-radar star backed herself in a stunning display of confidence that had fans cheering her on.
"I just really wanted prove myself," Emelia said, as she broke down in tears.
"I put up a lot of desserts, as you know, because desserts are really my passion. But I'm an exceptional cook. I'm just such a good cook. It is my passion."
Emelia backed herself in a stunning speech that fans are calling the "ultimate 2020 mood." Image: Channel 10
Emelia went on to explain that she has avoided using fish in the competition, after failing to impress during a fish cooking challenge with Sydney chef Josh Niland, from famous fish restaurant Saint Peter in Sydney's Paddington.
"Since the Josh Niland fish disaster, I have intentionally stayed away from it and I think I've done myself a little disservice in that regard," Emelia explained.
"I have been so conscious of really trying to express to the three of you who I am and I find it easiest to do that through pastry."
But she added that she needed to show her diversity across a range of cooking styles - not just desserts.
"I think if there's any time in MasterChef to step up, it's the one before finale week. I need to prove myself and if I've done it a disservice, then I don't deserve to win."
Emelia filleting the barramundi that she cooked in Sunday night's challenge. Image: Channel 10
Fans took to social media to praise Emelia's confident statement, saying it was the "vibe we all need in 2020."
According to betting agency Sportsbet, Emelia is currently the bookies' favourite to win the competition.
Back in May, the online bookmaker accepted $20,000 in bets on Emelia, raising suspicions that she could take home the title.Since then, the semi finalist from the 2014 season has had her odds shaved from $8, to $3 and now they're down to just $1.37.
That means she is now the firm favourite to win in front of Reynold Poernomo, whose odds are at $3.50, followed by Laura Sharrad, whose odds are sitting at $4.75, and Callum Hann at $15.
MasterChef airs on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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