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Here's where you can meet your favourite MasterChef contestants and taste their delicious cooking in real life

Want to eat Brendan's dumplings or Reynold's desserts IRL? Here's where you can get your hands on them.

By Rebecca Sullivan
We've been drooling over their delicious creations through our TV screens for months, but now that the star cooks on MasterChef have officially wrapped up filming the Back To Win season, they've returned to their regular day jobs as professional chefs.
This is excellent news for MasterChef fans, because it means we finally get a chance to taste the amazing food these contestants cook up - and possibly get a chance to meet our favourite reality TV chefs IRL.
Almost all of the contestants on MasterChef this season work full time in the food and hospitality industries, either running their own cafes and restaurants, market stalls or online food businesses.
Now that they have re-entered the real world again post-filming, they've headed back to work at their respective day jobs.
With lockdown restrictions now lifted, it means their fans and fellow foodies can finally get their hands on some tasty treats created by these MasterChef stars themselves - and maybe catch a glimpse of these reality stars working hard behind-the-scenes in the kitchen.
So if you're itching to try some MasterChef-worthy food, keep on scrolling to find out where this season's contestants are selling their delicious creations right now.

Poh Ling Yeow: Jamface in Adelaide

Poh manning her Jamface stall at the Adelaide Central Markets. Image: Instagram
MasterChef fan-favourite Poh runs a super popular food stall called Jamface at the Adelaide Farmer's Market in South Australia, on Sundays.
Rather than running a traditional fine dining restaurant, Poh calls this style of cooking "fun dining".
She serves up insanely delicious savoury and sweet treats, including Coq au Vin pies, mille-feuilles, lamingtons, tarts, cookies, and homemade goodies such as sauces, pickles, jam and delicious fresh coffee.
Poh manning her super popular Jamface stall in Adelaide. Image: Instagram
Poh's signature tasty baked treats. Image: Instagram
But thanks to Poh's growing fanbase, you'll want to make sure you get there early enough to nab one of her limited, handmade creations.
Recently, Poh has seen huge crowds forming outside her food stall - and she actually ran out of food during one market day in June.
"I'm so sorry I didn't have enough food and staff - the queue at #jamface was unprecedented and there wasn't so much as a crumb left to sell," Poh wrote on Instagram at the time, alongside a video showing how big the queue was. (You can watch the video at the top of this article).
"Thank you so much for your patience and kindness. There wasn't a single rude person in the queue even as the food choices shrank down to zero and only coffee was on offer. Your graciousness was felt and so appreciated by the team."
The Adelaide Farmer's Markets are open from 8.30am-13.20pm every Sunday at the Adelaide Showground on Rose Terrace, Wayville.

Reynold Poernomo: KOI Dessert Bar in Sydney

Reynold inside his Koi Dessert Bar. Image: Instagram
Dessert king Reynold runs the KOI Dessert Bar chain in Sydney with his brothers.
There are two KOI Dessert Bar locations - one in Chippendale and one in Ryde - plus home delivery is also available to those in the northern suburbs and CBD areas.
Budding cooks can also check out Koi's dessert classes online.
Reynold has roped in some of his fellow MasterChef contestants to teach the classes, including co-star Reece Hignell, who will teach fans how to make his classic sweet dessert tarts.
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Reynold getting his hands dirty making one of his trademark mouth-watering desserts in the KOI kitchen. Image: Instagram
A selection of the desserts on sale at KOI. Image: Instagram

Reece Hignell: Cakeboi in Newcastle, NSW

Reece pictured with one of his classic custom Cakeboi cakes. Image: Instagram
Reece runs his own at-home custom cake business called Cake Boi.
Based in Newcastle, Reece says his idea came about through "a demand for personalised event cakes". He does cakes for weddings, engagements, birthdays and other special events.
On his website, customers can choose to create a custom cake with a huge range of different cake and icing flavour options, or choose some "old school baking" options including a sponge cake, carrot cake, brown butter and apple cake or rum baba.
He also creates his classic tarts, which have become famous on MasterChef, in the flavours of vanilla custard, lemon or fine apple. Plus, he's also open to creating custom flavours.
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Yum! Image: Instagram

Emilia Jackson: Emelia Jackson Cake Design in Melbourne

Emilia is MasterChef's resident pastry queen. Image: Channel 10
Emelia runs her own cake business, Emelia Jackson Cake Design.
"We specialise in bespoke, custom made wedding, engagement, birthday, christening and event cakes. Each cake and dessert is hand made and completely customisable to match the theme of your event," Emelia's website states.
She also offers cooking classes on specific baking techniques, such as perfecting the art of choux pastry or a cookie cake.
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One of Emelia's custom cake creations. Image: Instagram

Callum Hann: Sprout in Adelaide

Callum teaching one of his cooking classes at Sprout. Image: Instagram
Callum runs a cooking school and food business in Adelaide called Sprout.
As well as in-person and online classes, Sprout offers catering and health and nutritional advice for both individuals and corporate businesses.
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Brendan Pang: Bumplings in Perth

Brendan pictured outside his Bumplings food truck in Perth. Image: Instagram
Some of the dishes sold at Bumplings, including their house-made chilli sauce. Image: Instagram
Dumpling king Brendan runs a food truck called Bumplings in Fremantle, Western Australia.
Bumplings serves up Chinese-Mauritian style food, including dumplings and noodles.
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The Bumplings food truck. Image: Instagram
Customers queuing up for food outside the Bumplings food truck. Image: Instagram

Laura Sharrad: Nido Bar in Adelaide

Laura and her husband Max working in the kitchen together at Nido Bar. Image: Instagram
Laura and her husband, chef Max Sharrad, run Nido Bar, an Italian restaurant in Adelaide.
Of course, Laura's signature of freshly-made pasta is always on the menu.
A quick look at the restaurant's Instagram account will have you drooling over the amazing fresh pasta dishes on offer, but there's also other Italian classics such as cured meats and tiramisu.
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A gnocchi dish on the menu at Nido Bar. Image: Instagram