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Married at First Sight: Jess's sex-tape bombshell

'Dan and I are very adventurous!'

By NW team
Let's face it – it wouldn't be a reality show without a leaked sex tape to really shake things up. Or launch one's career... right, Kim? Right, Paris?
Just weeks ago there were rumours that a racy video of MAFS groom Nic Jovanovic was doing the rounds, which his "wife" Cyrell Paule seemingly confirmed to be true when she claimed she'd been sent it on social media.
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But could Jessika Power and Dan Webb have put their sexy times on screen too?
MAFS' most controversial couple certainly raised eyebrows when their foreplay was filmed for the show. And Jess, 27, tells NW that things are still very hot and heavy between the pair!
"I like to be playful in the bedroom," she gushes.
"With past partners we've taken photos and little home snippets. With Dan, I'd do [a sex tape]...He's hot. In fact, we've already discussed it!
"He's a lot older and more experienced in the bedroom than me," she adds.
Jess and Dan have no problems making out on camera! (Source: Channel 9)
Jess recently relocated from Perth to the Gold Coast to be near single dad Dan. But before that they'd send each other naughty texts and images to keep their love life spicy!
"We text each other all day every day – and there's a lot of detailed sexting in there too, plus the odd photo!" the model reveals. "Over Christmas, we were apart for four weeks and it was really hard. We like to try new things in the bedroom all the time. We are both scarily adventurous."
Things almost fizzled before they truly sizzled though...
Dan was blindsided during the reunion after watching footage of Jess propositioning Nic [see break out, right] even though she had told him she hadn't looked at another groom before he entered the experiment and they embarked on their illicit "affair".
While the pair briefly split as a result, Jess insists the pair's chemistry proved too strong and their break-up was only short-lived.
"After Dan saw the footage of Nic and me on the couch, he felt like he was my third choice and that didn't make him feel happy," says Jess.
"We separated for two weeks and in that fortnight we didn't talk for a total of three days... We picked ourselves up and realised our feelings belonged outside the bubble of the experiment. They were real. We tell each other we love each other all of the time."
And it sounds like things are getting pretty serious between the pair!
Jessika has racked up over 181k followers on Instagram! (Source: Instagram)
"Dan cooks for me, and I'm going to meet his mum and his sister up in Airlie Beach in a couple of weeks," reveals the smitten stunner. "I will also then meet his son."
And while there's been more misses than hits on this year's run of MAFS, Jess is convinced she and Dan are two of the lucky ones.
"I feel like we're going to last," she says. "He's always asking me if I'm sure it's going to last. I tell him, 'Of course I feel like it will.' He makes life interesting and exciting for me."
Dan and Jessika after their final vows. (Source: Instagram)

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