Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: MAFS' Jessika just dropped a bombshell about her and Dan's wedding plans!

Are wedding bells already ringing for the brand new couple?!

By Leigh Credlin and Jessica Pullar
They've only just made things official on our screens, but it seems Married at First Sight's Jessika Power and Dan Webb are well ahead of the curb when it comes to their relationship.
On Sunday evening's explosive episode, Jess and Dan chose to make their romance public by requesting to reenter as a couple during the commitment ceremony.
But it seems this was only the first step in several leaps that the couple have since taken, with Jessika now talking weddings in an exclusive interview with NW.
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Jessika is head over heels for Dan. (Image: Channel Nine)
Revealing that she and Dan have already said the L-word to each other, Jessika went on to explain that if the pair were to marry, family would be the most important thing.
"We love our family and our friends and it wouldn't be a wedding without all of them there," she told NW.
Speaking of families, Jessika is clearly smitten with her new beau's brood, telling NW that Dan couldn't be a better father to his four-year-old son.
"Hearing him speak about his son you can just tell he would move heaven and earth for his boy," she gushed.
"I hope one day I can be as invested and devoted to my children as he is to his."
WATCH: Dan tells Jessika he wants to re-couple with her. Story continues after video...
The road to their relationship hasn't been the easiest, with the couple sending shock waves across the cast (and the Australian public!) when they struck up a romance while still technically 'married' to their respective partners, Mick and Tamara.
During the explosive commitment ceremony on Sunday evening, Jess shocked her on-screen partner Mick by saying: "I came in wanting to find someone to build a life with and I've found that but it's not with Mick. It's with Dan."
Mick's fury at the unexpected affair was clear, with the farmer seen storming off yelling: "You are the most selfish brat!"
The dejected 31-year-old later revealed to TV WEEK that he was "absolutely appalled," to find out that Jessika and Dan had gone behind everyone's backs.
"I don't think they realised that if they left the experiment they wouldn't fall off the face of the earth," he said.
But it seems that Jessika has no regrets, with the blonde 27-year-old telling NW, "Thinking about what Dan and I share together I would say it was worth it - he is worth it."
Mick wasn't happy to hear about Jessika's affair. (Image: Channel Nine)
There's no denying things have moved quickly for the new couple - Jessika recently confirmed on Instagram that she had moved from her home in WA to the Gold Coast, which incidentally, is where Dan lives.
"I was always planning to move back home to the GC to be with my family before I was 30 but meeting Dan helped push it along a little faster," she said.
Now their relationship is out in the open, she explained her and Dan finally have he opportunity to really focus on their relationship.
"The sneaking around was taking a toll on both of us mentally so having it out in the open just means we can act like a real couple and focus on building a stable happy relationship."
We'll just be over here waiting for the engagement announcement any day now!

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