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EXCLUSIVE: House Rules' new judge Saul Myers is single and looking for love

The handsome newbie is also a single dad to son, Brooklyn.

By Amber Giles
As the new guy on the block, Saul Myers might have been expected to have a few nerves signing on for House Rules, but the builder admits his arrival has been smooth sailing.
"It was a surreal moment to get the phone call from the bigwigs at Channel Seven, but at the same time it felt very right," he says.
"I've been super-lucky with the people around me, who've pushed me into this industry and backed me all the way."
Saul with fellow judges Kyly Clarke and Laurence Llwelyn-Bowen. (Image: Channel Seven)
While some might get an inflated ego after a dose of fame, Saul admits his most important job is being dad to his six-year-old son Brooklyn.
The 32-year-old admits he didn't adjust to the world of fatherhood when he was first thrown into it.
"The beginning was very challenging when we found out we were pregnant," he says. "It was terrifying. But that's probably because I was selfish – I had a great life and this wasn't supposed to be part of the plan yet.
"But as the cliché goes, once he entered the world, I was no longer the centre of my universe – his health and happiness is all that matters to me now."
Saul is ready to settle down. (Image: Channel Seven)
Saul and the mother of his son separated three years ago, which the judge admits was another curveball he wasn't ready for.
"It was heartbreaking," Saul says. "I never expected I would have a broken family."
But three years on from the split, Saul says he and his ex-partner have found a good balance when it comes to co-parenting. And while some parents are pulling out their hair home schooling their children, Saul is enjoying the current challenge.
"It's been amazing," he enthuses. "We've had a tent in the backyard, fires in the backyard... home schooling has been great."
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As for finding love again, Saul admits he's keen to find a partner and to have more kids.
"I like someone who's driven, happy with themselves, wants the best for me and my son and has a great sense of humour," he says. "Someone who will be a 'why not?' kind of person to do life with."
And Saul already has a clear idea of how many more children he wants!
"I wanted Brooklyn to be a girl so that I had a little Daddy's princess," Saul says. "But he's all boy, that child. So I'd love a girl. And I'd also love twins so they have a sibling, so twin girls fits the bill.
"But I realise I'm narrowing the gene pool of potential dating possibilities." [Laughs]
Brooklyn means the world to his doting dad. (Image: Instagram @saulymyers)

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