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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Kyly Clarke's close bond with fellow House Rules judge Saul Myers

The new TV judges are growing very close.

By Woman's Day team
Kyly Clarke was left with the prospect of a daunting new normal, following her shock split with husband Michael Clarke earlier this year.
The 38-year-old had to juggle being a single mother, just as she was about to launch her TV career on the newly revamped House Rules – all while going through some serious emotional turmoil.
But according to Woman's Day's sources, Kyly is taking it all in her stride, and it's in part thanks to the close friendship she's forged with her hot new co-star, builder and interiors expert Saul Myers.
Kyly and Saul's bond has everyone talking. Image: Channel Seven

They've got chemistry

An on-set spy tells Woman's Day that the pair have been growing close on set, with sources claiming they may be becoming more than just colleagues.
"She loves his work ethic and thinks he's so smart and funny," a source tells Woman's Day.
"And their chemistry is undeniable. It's certainly turning a lot of heads."
WATCH: Michael and Kyly Clarke reveal how they started dating. Story continues below...
According to our insider, 32-year-old Saul has become a shoulder to lean on for Kyly, especially as he knows what it's like to be a single parent.
"Saul split with the mother of his son, so he knows exactly what Kyly's going through and how tough it can be. They're also both relative newcomers to TV, so they've definitely been bonding over that," the source reveals.
Kyly and Michael split late last year. Image: Instagram

Dynamic duo

And while Kyly remains outwardly united with her ex-husband for the sake of her four-year-old daughter Kelsey Lee – she recently said she will be keeping the Clarke surname – the rumours swirling about 39-year-old Michael's new relationship with Sydney-based designer Pip Edwards could just be the push Kyly needs to move on herself.
"Saul's quite the ladies' man and Kyly is a gorgeous woman," says the source. "They'd certainly make a dynamic couple."

Hottie Rhys: ‘I was a bodybuilder!’

The fit couple are ready for a House Rules workout. Image: Channel Seven
Their enviable figures and perfect smiles have already won them legions of fans and earned Rhys and Tamara, 28, the title of this season's House Rules hotties.
But despite winning bodybuilding competitions, Rhys, 29, tells Woman's Day it's never been that important to him.
Rhys confessed body building competitions aren't that important to him. Image: Instagram
"It's never been a major passion or goal. It was just a natural progression from being around that environment," he says.
"One thing led to another and eventually I was a professional fitness model."
And with the tough tasks on House Rules, just how did they stay in shape?
"There were definitely a few creative hotel room workouts going down," he says.

Twitter explodes: ‘Bring back Joh!’

Fans demanded to know where former House Rules host Johanna Griggs was this season. Image: Channel Seven
While producers were hoping Jamie Durie and Abbey Way would be the breath of fresh air House Rules needed, it appears Australian TV viewers are less than keen on the new line-up.
During the premiere of the show last week, fans took to social media to vent their frustrations about the two new hosts, with many pining for former presenter Johanna Griggs to return.
"WHERE THE HELL IS JOH?!!" one disappointed viewer asked, while another wrote, "I just found out Joh is not on the show this year. That's like MKR not having Manu [Feildel]."

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