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Laura Byrne faces a very relatable mum dilemma before her daughters' Easter hat parade

''It's looking a bit grim!''

By Alana Mazzoni
Laura Byrne makes juggling parenthood with work look like a piece of cake, but she never shies away from sharing her most relatable mum moments.
On Monday night, the former Bachelor star, who shares daughters Marlie-Mae, two, and Lola, one, with fiance Matty J, documented the hilarious process of making her girls hats for their Easter parade.
"Tomorrow is Marlie and Lola's Easter hat parade, and we forgot over the weekend, so we have nothing. I'm in Kmart trying to find something to make them Easter hats with," Laura said during a last-minute rush to her local Kmart.
Laura made a last-minute run to Kmart to get supplies. (Image: Instagram)
"I feel like Lola I can get away with because she won't remember but Marlie might. It's looking a bit grim!"
The mother-of-two then joked about gluing a chocolate Easter bunny onto a hat "and call it a day".
After returning home from Kmart, Laura - with the help of little Marlie and Lola - got creative to make show-stopping Easter hats.
"Nothing screams 'can do' attitude like mum with a hot glue gun," Laura hilariously captioned a post of her holding craft supplies.
Little Marlie helped her mum. (Image: Instagram)
"So I think all in all, I have enough things that resemble Easter stuff," she told her 328,000 Instagram followers.
But proving she always manages to bounce back from a stressful parenting predicament, Laura pulled off the last-minute task and managed to make two adorable floral hats for the girls.
"I think considering the circumstances, the time constraints and the lack of motivation and supplies, I think we did pretty good!" she said.
The finished product! (Image: Instagram)
Matty then modelled one of the hats, adorned with an Easter bunny and ping pong balls that Laura fashioned into eggs.
"You did great honey," he told his fiancée.
Laura and Matty J are loved by fans for their refreshingly honest and relatable parenting moments, which they often share with their Instagram followers.
After falling in love on The Bachelor in In 2017, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Marlie-Mae, after becoming engaged on their babymoon two months prior.
Then in February 2021, the proud parents doubled their love when Laura gave birth to their second daughter, Lola.
Of course, it's been no easy feat for Laura, who juggles her award-winning Life Uncut podcast, her influencer career and of course, motherhood.
"Marlie is in daycare a couple of days a week, and Matt is really hands-on, we parent 50/50 and mutually respect each other's careers," she previously explained.
"Lola comes to work with me when I'm in the office, and Matt has her when Brittany and I podcast, we just make it work."
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