Celebrities are breaking the stigma around pregnancy loss by speaking out about miscarriage

One in four pregnancies in Australia result in a loss.

By Fiona Wright
Every day in Australia, 282 women report pregnancy loss before 20 weeks gestation. One in four pregnancies will end before 12 weeks, and one in three pregnant women over the age of 35 will experience pregnancy loss.
However, 80 per cent of these women who go on to experience a healthy pregnancy and deliver a baby.
WATCH: The Bachelor's Laura Byrne discusses second miscarriage. Story continues after video.
The Pink Elephants Support Network provides empathy, validation and connection to those experiencing miscarriage and early pregnancy loss through emotional support literature that helps women navigate their miscarriage and fertility journeys, as no woman should have to walk alone.
Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month takes place in October each year to help to raise awareness of pregnancy loss and the impact it has on millions of families each year worldwide.
But speaking openly about this often painful topic shouldn't be limited to a single month of the year.
That's why so many women - including plenty of celebrities and high-profile ladies - are opening up about their own experiences 365 days of the year to help smash the stigma around this all-too-common experience.
The more we talk about miscarriage and pregnancy loss, the less people will feel alone, whether they're stars like Laura Byrne or just your average Aussie.
Keep scrolling for the stories of celebs who are bravely speaking out in the hope that they can help others through this heartbreaking time.
If you or someone you know has been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, help is always available. You can call the SANDS 24/7 bereavement support line on 1300 308 307 or visit the website.