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Laura Byrne reveals she had a second miscarriage after giving birth to her daughter Marlie-Mae

And she wants other women going through the same thing to feel less alone.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Laura Byrne has opened up about her second miscarriage for the first time, revealing she and fiancé Matty J suffered another heartbreaking blow just a few months ago, after the birth of their daughter Marlie-Mae last year.
Laura, who runs jewellery brand Toni May, revealed the sad news on her Life Uncut podcast with fellow Bachie alumni Brittany Hockley this week.
While Laura has previously spoken about the first miscarriage she experienced prior to having her daughter, this is the first time she has shared news of her second pregnancy loss with her fans.
She revealed the miscarriage happened earlier this year.
"Just two months ago, Matt and I went through our second miscarriage and that still feels raw and very bizarre to even say out loud," Laura told Brittany on the podcast.
"It's not something I've really spoken about, not something that I've talked to many people about, but I feel very very passionately that miscarriage is a conversation that needs to be had in an open forum.
"I found out I was pregnant. We [she and Matty J] had gotten really excited about it and we'd had our scans and everything. A week later, I felt different and I knew something was wrong and I knew it was happening again.
"I guess I never thought I would be someone who would have one miscarriage, let alone someone who would have two miscarriages."
Laura and a very little Marlie-Mae sharing a sweet mother-daughter moment. Image: Instagram
Marlie-Mae will celebrate her first birthday in June this year. Image: Instagram
Earlier on the podcast, Laura explained when she had miscarried for the first time, she battled with her sadness, as the pregnancy was unplanned, but nonetheless a happy, welcome surprise.
"I miscarried at around the nine week mark," she revealed.
"The thing that I really struggled with in that pregnancy was the fact that I almost felt like I wasn't allowed to be so upset, because it wasn't planned. It felt unreasonable for me to feel that much pain and that much loss that I hadn't planned.
"I also felt incredibly alone. I didn't know anybody who had miscarried and I thought there's something wrong with me."
Matty J and Laura have become one of The Bachelor franchise's most successful and widely-loved couples. Image: Instagram
The couple live together in Sydney's eastern suburbs. Image: Instagram
Laura says she has chosen to be so open about her experiences in the hope going public will help other women feel less alone, and reduce the stigma surrounding pregnancy loss.
"I've spoken about it because I really do feel like there's still this stigma that's surrounding miscarriage," she explained.
"I remember when I first had a miscarriage how I felt just so incredibly alone. I didn't feel that there was a community of people I could go to. I felt a lot of guilt and I felt like there must be something wrong with me. That silence really adds to the feeling of 'What's wrong with me?'
"It is painful and it is lonely, but it doesn't need to be quite so lonely and the more that we talk about it and the more the we destigmatise it, then I feel other women who are going through the same thing may feel more supported."
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Matty J and Laura first fell in love on the 2016 season of The Bachelor.
In June last year they became the proud parents to daughter Marlie-Mae and now they are engaged to be married.